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I decided to uninstall dota 2 today :(

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    I decided to uninstall dota 2 today :(

    Not because I think the game sucks, but I've played this game for over 3000 hours. Throughout my teenage years I would come home after a day of school, launch dota and play hours and hours till I fell asleep. I still remember the days of dota 1 where I was complete dead weight in clan wars playing along with dota gods from wcr. Then came dota 2 which was 100x better and I got to a level where I was satisfied with myself (and even carried cash's feeding ass). However slowly but surely the passion for it died down as did my playtime. I haven't seriously touched the game since 2015 but always kept it on my desktop for if I ever were to change my mind. But now I realise that time may never come. Thank you for playing with me throughout all these years mr Kige, Dog, Generalcash, Wuffle, Rizzo, readme and all you other mfuckers who are probably no longer around

    gg no re
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