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    Now Hiring!

    In an attempt to try and clutter the frontpage with as much new content as possible, WCReplays is on the lookout for some willing and able volunteers. If you're Warcraft III or Starcraft II savvy and are longing to help us folk out with writing or audio pieces, read on! Here's a list of the available positions along with details of what you need to do in order to nab yourself one of them.

    Note: All staff members work here on a volunteer basis. You will need a working WCReplays forum account to apply.

    Warcraft III or Starcraft II Audio Commentators

    Our frontpage audios seem to be a rarity these days which is something we'd like to try and remedy. Are you a Warcraft or Starcraft connoisseur? Think you could make audio commentaries on either game like those featured on the frontpage? If so, send Ciel a Private Message with either A) a 5 minute sample commentary or B) links to previous commentaries you've made. You can choose whether you send in the replay and audio file (like on WCR) or if you'd rather you can link to Youtube or something similar. If you need technical assistance, just reply to this thread!

    Audio Commentators will be required to make at least two audio commentaries every month.

    Warcraft III and Starcraft II News Writers

    eSports is pretty huge nowadays and WCR does its best to share the latest gossip with you. Unfortunately, we're understaffed so we could use your assistance. If you follow either the War3 or SC2 pro scene and would like to write news items such as this or this, send Ciel a Private Message which includes one sample newspost written by yourself in WCR's style. You don't need to worry about images or complex formatting...just send in the text. You should also specify in the message whether you'd like to write about Warcraft or Starcraft. Or indeed both!

    News Writers will be required to write at least one post per week.

    Warcraft III and Starcraft II Feature Writers

    If strategy guides, columns, interviews, or in-depth news coverage are more your game, there's a space for you also. Just send Ciel a Private Message showcasing the sort of thing you'd like to write and she'll get back to you with a yay or nay. Various examples of these different types of writing can be found below:

    Feature Writers will be required to write at least 1-2 feature articles per month depending on position.

    Warcraft III Replay Uploaders

    Do you watch a lot of replays? Ever notice that we try to upload top games but often miss out some key ones? Well, if you'd like to be a replay prepper and upload games to our front page, just go on ahead and send Ciel a Private Message expressing your interest. You don't need to be a technical mastermind to work our replay parser, just so long as you're interested and motivated.

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