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The Albanian threat

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    The Albanian threat

    ex0's most recent thread that strives to give something of an outline of the shape of things to come in the coming years on a global military/geopolitical level gave me the stimulus to start this thread which I had intended to start some time ago, yet had never found the appropriate moment.

    Now that geopolitics, war and political alliances are the name of the proverbial "Game" again, I bring up something that's more on a micro-level, a smaller front compared to ex0's thread. I've already brought it up several times in the past on these boards, although considering my "status" as an outcast here has probably never been paid enough attention by you guys.

    Demographic Aggression (defined and written by yours truly)

    Combined with:

    NATO to build air base in Albania

    [August 2018 --] TIRANA ? NATO plans to build its first air base in the Western Balkans, wrote Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama on Facebook.
    + PLUS recent statements by high-ranking Albanian and Kosovar political dignitaries that declare a possible opening of the border between the two countries in the coming months, perhaps even with plans for a unification.


    As we all know, for the past 4+ decades, US Foreign Policy has always been one of predatorily exploiting conflicts between nations and peoples for its own personal gain, be it purely as a PR exercise in affirming its Imperium on the World Stage, or for the purposes of seeking to install a ruling regime that would best serve its own interests. Sometimes these conflicts and frictions were naturally occurring with external forces simply adding fuel to the fire, other times they were hand-made constructs by the US and friends (CIA, etc.)

    So, just as a warning to you North Americans, who are the predominant portion of people on this board:
    If you hear anything about a coming conflict on this front, then be sure to take a stance AGAINST anything Albanian, despite what your Congress and Mainstream Media spin up as a narrative.

    More to come in part 2.
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