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How china eradicated extreme poverty for 1 billion+ people in 70 years

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    How china eradicated extreme poverty for 1 billion+ people in 70 years

    Really good documentary, this aired on PBS originally, and iirc was also funded by them, but after it aired and showed china in a good light, it ended up being removed completely from PBS schedule and completely banned from airing anytime in the future. So much for freedom of speech eh?

    China defines extreme poverty not just as a minimum income level(like 2K a year for the lowest most remote regions where cost of living is extremely low), but more importantly, they must have access to healthcare, food, housing, and education for children. This is china's "human rights" which it rightly prioritise above everything else, including freedom of speech or political freedom. Those can and will come later, since if you got no life no other freedoms will matter since you won't be able to enjoy those either.

    Anyhow, it shows china's village level democracy, where villages have town hall meetings and they themselves define who's poor or not. Really interesting, since some/many are from remote area and don't have paperwork, and many would be reluctant to share their income and expenses and assets etc with some stranger from the government who's claiming to be there to help them. So they ask their neighbours and have village discussions, since of course their neighbours and friends would be able to be better judge if they are living rough or if they have assets and should be classes as poor or not, in order to see if they should qualify for poverty alleviation program and the funds associated with it.

    I really like the program because it shows the dedication of communist party members,(many in late 20s/early 30s who have to prove themselves to the people/party/country, just ​​like even Xi Jinping himself had to do years of farmwork to work his way up the chain of command) who most likely come from more wealthier areas and have better education having just graduated uni, yet they are willing to move to rural shitholes in middle of nowhere and help the village to move out of poverty, like for real. This gives them real world experience and political experience and also life experience if they want to continue to be politician.. it also weeds out the selfish self serving opportunists and power assholes. I mean do you see someone like Trump born into rich family going to live in rural town by himself to help poor villages for year at minimum, maybe even years? Then sent to another higher level village to be mayor for another 5 years, and so on and so forth?

    Not just build one well, take photo and go back to opulent usa after a month like many religious pilgrims from the west do when they go africa etc. No, they actually live with them and teach them how to fish, and actually set up every single thing they need to allow them to keep developing and prospering even after they are long gone.

    This is china's meritocratic system and why I support it. It weeds out all the assholes who's looking for power for the wrong reasons, and keeps the dedicated ones who really want to help the poor and improve their country. This is how the west should be imo.. let them get promoted by results and life experience of helping people and country in completely unselfish manner.. AND NOTHING ELSE. I don't care how much money you made for yourself or how much money you managed for private banks if that's all you don't and never helped the poor or did such humble work helping people before.. what do you guys think? Agree?

    I think the rest of the world has a lot to learn from china, especially when it comes to poverty alleviation and development of the country, how to not waste money and manpower and how to develop infrastructure and link all these together into one massive program which will make any country "great again".

    Just think, in 1950 when ccp took power, majority of the country were uneducated and had 30 year life expectancy, and basically opium fiends, country had no roads, electricity, was completely divided and hopeless for the future. Now look at china, what a fucking miracle and beacon of hope for not just developing world, but even first world.

    This is probably the main reason why usa sees china as an existential enemy that must be destroyed. Because china's success proves and is a living example that countries don't not only not need to be liberal western democracy to succeed and be rich, but that the chinese model can be even richer and better in every single way imaginable. And I don't mean just economics but even freedom wise, I see china overtaking usa too as more and more people in the west(especially usa) become woke about just how clueless and brainwashed about china they really are.

    Even though china is far from perfect, at least they try and they prioritise the little guys, the working man, the developing/third world etc. China will undoubtedly help change the world for the majority of it, and put an end to the evil imperialist agenda/policies of the west which have exploited and abused the developing/third world for decades/centuries now, and yes, china was also one of those countries abused and exploited by west, and it is currently still considered as a developing country..

    But yeah. Luckily for the world, the dragon survived is well and truly awake now. And he's hungry after being locked/chained up and sleeping for so long. China is learning and absorbing everything good from the west buf the west and usa cannot do the reverse due to its own long held propagandized beliefs of american exceptionaism which is how coming back to haunt them.

    I mean the only way to be competitive is to admit you guys were wrong all along and that china was right (or at least partially) and that you have many things to copy and learn from china. Trump and co still haven't seen to learned anything, with them just adding more and more chinese companies like SMIC/DJI to the entity list, which at this point anyone can see is only isolating usa and instead making chinese companies stronger than ever.

    So by the time usa resolves it's current insanity, insecurity, cognitive dissonance, AND resolves it's massive domestic problems(that's if they even can without civil war), I feel like china the rest of the world would have left usa far behind and moved on already.

    The future is looking very hopeful for china and anyone who works with them, which it seems like is everyone minus the US. We'll see if biden can change anything concerning us-sino relations or whether domestic pressure will be too much for him to overcome and for him to have to continue this anti china bullshit that trumo has let loose over the last 4 years.

    I personally hope that usa can come back on the right track and develop closer relations with not just china, but also russia, iran, venezuela, cuba, etc etc
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    Interesting. Today I learned china eradicated poverty and that in 1950, the majority of China had a 30 year life expectancy, slightly worse than neanderthals. Thank you for your insights.
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      Youre welcome.. but don't just read my post, watch the doco too, it's much more informative and actually shows the real china and lifestyle for overwhelming majority of chinese.

      That's why china is rightly still developing country and that's why the govs main priority is poverty alleviation and development(economic, infrastructure, education, healthcare etc), along with stability and NOT war, because instability/chaos will derail this economic development/miracle that has happened over the last 70 years. No need to fix what isn't broken and fuck with an ongoing miracle basically.. which is unironically the exact thing usa wants to do.. divide china and cause political instability and chaos, start wars, and change the political system and policies which have turned china from shithole poorer then africa to it's one and only peer competitor in less than 70 years whos on track to overtake usa economically by 2023(nominal, already surpassed usa gdp by PPP in 2014), and have roughly equal military power by 2050, although I think that's way too conservative estimate (I mean why give reason for pentagon to get more funding.. lol)

      I think regionally, like SCS and ECS/bohai sea/china taiwan strait, and first island chain(taiwan, korea, japan), china already has regional dominance even right now. Even with just ships, it's like 3-400 vs 1-200, and warplanes, it's like 3000-4000 vs like couple hundred depending on how many carriers usa wants to send to be sitting ducks. Not to mention that this doesn't even include china's coast guard ships and land based assets like radars, carrier killer missile batteries, the works. Logistics works in china's favor everytime, china should have over 10 to 1 if not 20:1 numerical, tactical, strategical advantage over usa in its backyard and coastal waters.

      Basically usas INPACOM(Indo pacific command) has like 2-300 ships to control the whole of australia to russia, all the way from japan to india. That's huge. And they have 300,000 men to do security against 45% of the worlds population. They are severely understaffed, outgunned and out matched even just vs china, let alone vs the whole indo pacific region. I guess that's why all they can do is freedom of navigation operations and even then, US ships have been crashing into each other on an alarmingly regular basis. Seems like is working them too hard and they have no time to rest or recuperate.

      I heard usa was gonna relocate it's coast guard as part of pivot to asia because it's surely lacking in manpower but even with that, they won't have a chance. China's producing more tonnage a year for it's navy than the whole of EUs tonnage for whole navy combined.. u guess that's what happens when you pivot to asia and look like you're preparing to do economic blockade of china's sea trade routes.
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      Abstract, Negative, Concrete. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Bush, Obama, Trump(LOL!), .... YANG(?!?!)
      "I'd tell all my friends but they'd never believe me, They'd think that I'd finally, lost it completely. I'd show them the stars and the meaning of life.. they'd shut me away, But I'll be all right.."
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