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By unityofsaints

Name: Rho Loving
Age: 17
Location: Hillerød, Denmark account:
Favourite Food: Chicked dürum
Favourite Singer: Britney Spears
Favourite Car: Chevrolet Corvette
Favourite Hero: Pitlord
Favourite Player: 4K.Grubby

unityofsaints: Hi, Thanks again for coming!

fnatic.Rholle: My pleasure.

unityofsaints: Please introduce yourself to our loyal readers.

fnatic.Rholle: I'm Rho "Rholle" Loving, I'm 17 years old, I come from Denmark and I play Orc.

unityofsaints: What was the first PC game you played?

fnatic.Rholle: "Bubble Bobble Nostalgie" when I was in kindergarden.

unityofsaints: A pity that isn't at WCG... Have you ever played StarCraft?

fnatic.Rholle: Yeah, I played StarCraft when I was younger, but none of my friends were as "strategy-minded" as me, so I didn't have a lot of opposition and was off-limits to me back then due to high internet prices.

unityofsaints: Do you follow the StarCraft scene now or are you completely focused on Warcraft III?

fnatic.Rholle: I don't follow it. I played five games of StarCraft yesterday though - a funny game.

unityofsaints: How were you introduced to Warcraft III and at what stage did you decide to take it seriously?

fnatic.Rholle: I played Diablo II in a clan and when Warcraft III came out, I just bought it for fun. I accidentally met some Swedes in the clan channel of BoA (what my Danish Diablo II clan was called) and we started hanging out, playing a lot of 3v3 arranged team. I think I started to take it seriously when I beat 4K.Junior at a LAN around three years ago.

unityofsaints: Your first Warcraft III clan was "Team Boomtown Copenhagen". Where else did you play before you joined fnatic?

fnatic.Rholle: Before fnatic I played for plan-B, before that I played for a-L.MSI and before that I played for Boomtown Copenhagen.

unityofsaints: How and when did recruitment to team fnatic come about?

fnatic.Rholle: It was at the end of the qualification stages to WC3L season 8 that triMble got hold of me and I think it was ElakeDuck who recommended me when he decided to leave Team64.AMD.

unityofsaints: You played versus your clanmate Bjarke in the Danish WCG preliminaries and narrowly lost 2:1 after leading 1:0. Subsequently you lost an Orc mirror versus Ciara. Were you disappointed in yourself afterwards?

fnatic.Rholle: When I lost to Bjarke 2:1 I was out of the running of winning the tournament, so Ciara and I played Orc versus Night Elf and Night Elf versus Orc in the 3rd/4th place fight, which was quite funny but not serious. I was disappointed after losing to Bjarke because I really, really had game two in my grasp - I went in idle mode when I thought I had won, and lost to mass Peasants and two heroes...

unityofsaints: What kind of intra-clan relationship do you have with Bjarke, especially since he's from the same country as you - is he a rival or is he more of a mentor/training partner who helps you improve your game?

fnatic.Rholle: As Bjarke and I play different races, we are not competitors to getting lineup spots. I see Bjarke as a great training partner where we test tactics on each other a lot (remember Bjarke's Firelord fake tower rush with expo? That was me!) I like Bjarke a lot and we are only competitors at national tournaments.


1: Melee/Hero/Casters
2: Raiders/Kodos/Wind Riders/Headhunters
3: Bats/Demolishers/Buildings
4: Buildings (late game)

At the Danish WCG '05 preliminaries

unityofsaints: Unfortunately you havn't made it into fnatic's W3CL lineup too often in the past, but you are playing quite successfully on - what is your relationship to laddering? Time filler, training, or ambition in regards to competing in the season finals?

fnatic.Rholle: Well, I want to compete in the finals and with this new AMM it's also great training because you meet a lot better players than before. But still, it is only ladder and therefore also a means to try out things on random people to see their reactions to certain tactics.

unityofsaints: What are your hardest and easiest matchups and why?

fnatic.Rholle: After being completely pwned by T.MH]Lucifer I realized that playing versus Undead is not as easy as it is when playing "lesser" players, just as it is in the other matchups when you play a lot better players than usually. But yet I will have to go with Human for the hardest matchup. Orc against Night Elf, Undead and Orc is easier. My scouting sucks, so Humans are quite nasty with their fast expansions.

unityofsaints: You don't mention Orc versus Night Elf as your hardest matchup like a lot of other Orc players have done. How do you interpret the outcome of the 4K.Grubby versus Spirit.Moon showmatch, and do you think it accurately reflected their skill levels or did lag, racial imbalance or the fact that it was "only a showmatch" influence the outcome?

fnatic.Rholle: 3-2 is quite close in my opinion, and I still think that Night Elf is stronger than Orc. I don't know about the lag, since it was played on GG Client, but I still think Grubby is a better player than Moon, even though Moon is a wonderful player to watch with all his new styles that people copy all over the world. The fact that it was a showmatch probably only pumped both players up, since there's been so much talk about who is the better of the two.

unityofsaints: Your team fnatic played a strong clanwar versus SK in the the WC3L playoff, taking one match and two maps in the other solo matchups. Were you disappointed with this outcome, or proud that your team was able to hold off the more highly-rated SK squad so well?

fnatic.Rholle: I can't say that I'm not disappointed. In the two 1v1s we lost 1:2, both third maps were regames because fnatic.Creo disconnected in a game with great advantage and fnatic.triMble crashed the game between fnatic.SaSe and SK.ElakeDuck, where SaSe had an advantage. We then lost the regames and that just blows - sh*t happens. We reached our goal in WC3L for this season which was to reach the playoffs. Next year we will go all the way!

unityofsaints: What do you think, with respect to the W3CL matchup system is your clan's weak spot and what do you think will have to be done to significantly improve it?

fnatic.Rholle: fnatic has a great combo of players race wise, so we have no problems in our 1v1s. We lost our 2vs2 team when Caravaggio was kicked and we have been experimenting with alternatives. For now I can't say what we are thinking about for the next season, sorry.

unityofsaints: When did you decide to play Orc and have you ever experimented with other races?

fnatic.Rholle: I decided to play Orc back when I played 3vs3 arranged team with my Swedish friends; one played Human and another Undead so we needed an Orc. I havn't seriously experimented with other races, except Night Elf a long time ago in my first Danish clan. It went quite well but I couldn't live with the fact that I was playing an imbalanced race, so I changed back to Orc.

unityofsaints: Do you still think that Night Elf is imbalanced?

fnatic.Rholle: Yeah, I still think their unit costs are too low compared to their quality.

unityofsaints: Talking about imbalances, what is your opinion on the latest patches from an Orc perspective, and do you think they served to balance the game as a whole?

fnatic.Rholle: I think they were good patches, I especially like the new Spirit Walkers. The Batrider hit-point reduction is a bit lol though - one Death Knight shot with Orb of Corruption and a Coil and it is down. Then again, I'm not the biggest Batrider user, so I don't really care. Good patches overall, but a Dryad nerf is needed.

After 10 hours of LAN
The Hardware:

Machine: 2.4 Ghz Pentium 4, 512 DDR RAM, Geforce 4800-TI
Mouse: Logitech Mx-510
Mousemat: Everglide Titan
Headphones: Plantronics Audio 90

unityofsaints: You are also part of Denmark's WC3 squad which took part in this year's ESL European Nation's Cup and took 4th place. Unlike other sports such as soccer, competitions in which players represent their home nation aren't met with as much interest amongst the community as clan-based tournaments. Firstly, how important do you think is it to represent your country in Warcraft III? Secondly, were you happy with your performance in ENC?

fnatic.Rholle: I think it's an honour to get to represent your country in the big world and I was happy with my play at ENC, my games versuss se.ElakeDuck were amazing. I didn't play that well versus de.Spell, but I regained my honour when I beat de.Take and de.Kookian with Ciara in 2vs2 - the look on their faces when our mass Spirit Walkers pwned them was enough to save the entire weekend. We clearly lacked some admin power on our team to make the right choices on maps and so on, but overall it was a great tournament where Bjarke and I got to meet some fnatic people like SaSe and triMble.

unityofsaints: In the past you have played 2vs2 in various competitions such as W3CL and the ENC. Do you like 2vs2 arranged team or is it really just an entertaining "break" from the "proper Warcraft III" i.e. 1vs1?

fnatic.Rholle: I don't like 2vs2 specifically, it's fun once in a while but that's all. In ENC I just knew an Orc/Orc tactic that owned versus Orc/Human, and it worked. We tried again versu 4K in WC3L, but RotterDaM and I are just not meant for 2vs2 together.

unityofsaints: Talking of RotterDaM, he's your rival for your team's Orc W3CL spot - unfortunately he frequently gets picked over you because of the successes he's had in tournaments and the publicity he got from them. Can it be frustrating sometimes to be a "reserve" when you know deep down that there isn't that much of a difference in terms of skill?

fnatic.Rholle: Nah, not frustrating, I knew this when I joined fnatic and I am quite satisfied with having been picked the number of times I have in WC3L. Neither of us have been playing extremely well in WC3L - I learn a lot from RotterDaM and for that I am grateful, but I still own him in Blademaster versus Blademaster and that keeps me up and going.

unityofsaints: What is your opinion of the future development of Warcraft III as a professional sport, i.e. do you think it will be as long-lived as StarCraft has been? If Warcraft III pro-gaming were to decline, would you be ready to take up some other game such as StarCraft 2 seriously or would that put an end to your career?

fnatic.Rholle: I don't think Warcraft III pro-gaming will decline - on the contrary we see things like "club fnatic" and "Meet Your Makers Lounge" and stuff like that rising which only increases the professionalism of the game. I know they don't just focus on Warcraft, but overall, esports is gaining strenght. I don't see StarCraft 2 coming anytime soon and I don't know how good I would be, so can't really say if I would play it. Warcraft is my game now, and I will focus on that.

unityofsaints: Now something a bit different. The next few questions will be quickfire one word answers: FarSeer or Blademaster?

fnatic.Rholle: FarSeer

unityofsaints: Reign of Chaos or The Frozen Throne?

fnatic.Rholle: The Frozen Throne.

unityofsaints: French Fries or Salad?

fnatic.Rholle: Salad with dressing...

unityofsaints: World eSport Games or World Cyber Games?

fnatic.Rholle: WCG.

unityofsaints: Endurance Aura or Unholy Aura?

fnatic.Rholle: Unholy Aura.

unityofsaints: Wards or Healing Wave?

fnatic.Rholle: Healing Wave.

unityofsaints: Micro or Macro?

fnatic.Rholle: Micro.

unityofsaints: Audioslave or Katie Melua?

fnatic.Rholle: Britney!

unityofsaints: Hehe... VODs or Replays?

fnatic.Rholle: Replays.

unityofsaints: Stomp or Shockwave?

fnatic.Rholle: Stomp.

unityofsaints: Destroyers or Wind Riders?

fnatic.Rholle: Wind Riders.

unityofsaints: Jamaica or Sweden?

fnatic.Rholle: Jamaica.

unityofsaints: I knew your answer to that one .... finally, time for the shoutouts!

fnatic.Rholle: Thanks for doing this, I play for the guys commenting me on - you encourage me to play more and for that I love you (joke!) Thanks to our sponsors: nVidia, Sennheiser, Intel Desktopboards and Everglide - you make it all happen!

unityofsaints: Thank you for the interview and good luck in the future with Warcraft!


This includes all of fnatic.Rholle's WC3L Season 8 games as well as all of his Europeans Nation's Cup '05 appearances and most recent Incup games. Some recent ladder games are also included. There are 49 replays in total, those requiring Ever-Craft are in a seperate archive - enjoy!

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