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verGe.Rainman: Phreak of Nature - Part I

Foreword by blaze

It seems only appropriate for an interview of one of the most prolific American Warcraft III players to have their very first interview up on our website. Being a staff member here for quite some time, Rainman, better known as Phreak, has quite a history with us. Starting off as an audio commentator for, Phreak came to us in April of 2004 and began his legendary slew of audios in a fashion never before seen: he did it with little to no knowledge of the game, whatsoever.

In my eyes, Phreak only ever joined us because his skills were so under par that he felt his position as an audio commentator would help him establish himself in the community and get him some much needed practise. Little did he know what he would be getting himself into. After several strong beatings by the likes of Mr. Cygnus, Cecil, and of course the much dreaded PowerPush™ from Vaulander, Phreak had almost had enough. He had dropped out of school, picked up on drugs, and starting speaking in tongues that no one would understand. We caught him one day in a dark alley yelling "ROFLMAO KEEKEE GOSUAR" at some pigeons.

It was from that point on that we, the staff of WCReplays, knew something had to be done. So, to boost his spirit, we had some of his rivals (namely Mr. Cygnus) drop a bunch of games to Phreak. This was, of course, the worst decision ever on our part. He became cocky, so much so that he would actually claim himself as the greatest Warcraft III player to ever live. Of course, with all of this getting to his head, Phreak decided to leave us and pursue a career on his own. It was then that he was picked up by verGe Gaming (most likely out of pity) and began what has turned out to be one of the greatest Cinderalla stories that ever was.

But in all seriousness, we all love Phreak and have appreciated what he has done for us, and will never forget it. It was a forum member of ours by the name of 13ang13ang had decided that it was finally time for Phreak, now using the alias of Rainman, to get featured on our website in the only way that he knew possible - via an audio interview. And so here you have it, the first portion of a two part interview with the legend that is....Rainman.

13ang13ang Interviews verGe.Rainman - Part I

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  1. 1. Stfu xcesive no one cares. 2.

    Phreak came to us in April of 2004 and began his legendary slew of audios in a fashion never before seen: he did it with little to no knowledge of the game, whatsoever.
    Rofl david xD

  2. look for part two, coming soon!

  3. yay, part 2

  4. go oarst 2 and yay phreak go usa!

  5. lawl@phreak interview. Good stuff =]

  6. Goodjob bangbang, I like this much better than just reading a interview. I would love if I could READ the interview while I am listening

  7. man i prefer interviews in written form, caz u can skip the part that u dont like...

  8. Milk: Most audio programs let you skip around the file -_-v

  9. Phreak is going to get owned in Beerpong tonight

  10. nice!!!

  11. 79.8mb!!!! WTF all night dl right there

  12. I actualy thought about adding text to it, but writing out the text to a 90 min audio is no thx.. plus with phreaks amazingly fast talking rate it would be like trying to write down a squirel sing an opera at 5x speed.

  13. geez 19 of 89 mg lalalala

  14. nice part one

  15. ok i am very sorry for the double post but i posted the other b4 i actually read it... hahahaha funny interview

  16. rdy for part 2

  17. MAD LONG!

  18. shiste bangbang, how did u get this interview? last i saw everyone was calling for your banning on the forums!

  19. Horrible idea on the audio commentary. Always, always make interviews in text format.

  20. ROFL. Now we're just all waiting for Cygnus to go pro.

  21. Jubae is a lot more prolific than Rainman

  22. Cygnus and Phreak. The rivalry. OMGG, u guys made Cygnus lose :sssssxxxx now that is gosuar haha j/k. No doubts in Phreaks skills. ACs were the bomb. Phreak drugs ? Dude! Lighten up. Its just a game.

  23. STFU........LMAO! This is great.

  24. lawl cool

  25. LOL what was that "stfu stfu stfu stfu" at 43:30 or so XD

  26. give a kid* an inch.......

  27. blahahaha,very entertaining!

  28. very good interview

  29. phreak talks REALLY FAST

  30. pidgeons
    Should be pigeons. You don;t have to thank me.

  31. this was A VERY fun interview to listen to, great job BangBang,10/10 for you there, and Phreak does really know what he's talking about when it comes to wc3, i gotta admit that, i would so dl and listen to part 2 if it came out anytime soon, Phreak just owns like that. PS: Phreak you're our WCR hero as well. = ]

  32. preak is so f***ing funny :D get back as an audio commentator!!!11

  33. We caught him one day in a dark alley yelling "ROFLMAO KEEKEE GOSUAR" at some pidgeons.
    That one is gold :p

  34. "Shut the f*** up." lol.

  35. I'm phreak. Only difference is skill!!! [sarcasm] *i'm far above him* [/sarcasm] But seriously, i do all the same stuff he does. Why am i not gosu yet? :@

  36. Haha, this one was great! :)

  37. the counter to breakers is using up the mana on your bears by using roar !

  38. Great foreword blaze! LOL :D

  39. Come on part 2 lol i never knew phreak was rainman

  40. keke 13ang13ang, cool to have him interviewed though

  41. i need some mass range vs orc replays :) most elfs are playing mass dotts atm. so would be nice if you could upload some?!

  42. Cool idea

  43. Polymorph mana is too like NE ss strats O_O

  44. A-M-A-Zing. Great job and looking forward to Part II.

  45. i like Phreak he has an analitic mind

  46. wow LOL @ THAT INTERVIEW rofl..phreak...what a guy

  47. hey guys can anyone tell me how i can get an icon for my account?? please tell me or message me

  48. Started too slow to listen to very much...

  49. Great stuff. Recorded interview or written I'd take recorded, because it's easier to get stuff out of people that way. And of course, Phreak is one of the few high skilled players who are willing to give more advice than "play a lot of games, what can I say?" Still waiting for that AC :)

  50. Nicely done..

  51. Lol was pretty funny

  52. Awesome interview... very informative and I've learned a lot. GOGO PHREAK

  53. 80 MB?!?!? for an audio file, man that's over the top. Milk4ever "man i prefer interviews in written form, caz u can skip the part that u dont like..." signed. but you can skip forward on the audio file :P

  54. lol i found this interview both funy and trey ahha ;)

  55. Mr.Cygnus Phreak

  56. there's a subliminal "greater than" sign in there somewhere.. :P

  57. nub 3 david is a homosexual has joined the channel.

  58. you make rainman seem like a total asshole loser... even tho he isnt... or maybe he was =P dunno or i thought it funny - if you give any pro wc3 gamer drugs they might go around naked in the street yelling out "OMFGZ NOOBLARS I WILL PWN UR FACES SO THAT UR PEASANTS WILL ALL RUN IN THE WILD AND THOSE CREEPS WILL BE LIKE 'OMFGZ IM SO BAD AT WC3' AND I WOULD BE LIKE 'DUDE I WILL PWN' "

  59. I didnt really think the ''stfu thing'' was funny but phreak gave some nice answers so was still worth listening to it :).

  60. jesus christ, ive spoken english all my life, and i cant understand phreak +_+_+

  61. lol @t-rider ^^ i have spoken english since i was 5 and i have no problems :P

  62. I liked the description.

  63. 90 minutes...tahts crazy

  64. Why the "stfu" part ??? Was it necessary ? Phreak was making interesting comments, as a matter of fact he s very cunning and funny.. something i hadnt realized till now

  65. I might add : Not having the "stfu" part removed or edited out was very disrespectful Its already bad enough thats hes no WCR Commentator anymore but to add insult :( If it was Vaulander he would have smashed ur skull with his front teeth

  66. Phreak, I got re-addicted to WC cause of your ACs. Damn you.

  67. "Shut up Undead Player, Stop Nuking My Heroes" haha that was excellent

  68. OMG That was brilliant. "Shut the f*ck up" whil having Phreak doing a serious response to a question. WINNER!

  69. Just as mr.Cygnus said, suddenly everything has changed all night elves use dh and PHREAK! is GOSU omg ....

  70. omg i thought both parts were suppused to be 90 together, not this one being 90 minutes alone _

  71. hmm i wud watch but its probably full of imba hmn comments :p

  72. damn, this one was entertaining.

  73. I think bangbang said that someone came into the ventchannel or something :P

  74. 80 megs is far too big im not going to download it


  76. got to 78.2mb and i dc, wow!!!! do not i repeat do not dl long patches or acs with netscape!!!!!

  77. "i only waatch my replay if i like win you know haha that was awesome" lmao

  78. Phreak best give tZ a shoutout ::PPPPPPPPP

  79. .......what?

  80. BangBang needs to invest more skill points into interviewing.

  81. 80 mb are u kidding me ????

  82. dude he talks so f***ing fast...

  83. Why do ppl give phreak shit? seems like a cool guy

  84. He can be a cold mean jerk i guess or so i heard Why Cygnus would give him such a hard time ? This is like Letterman vs Leno bs

  85. this is one of the best interviews ever, except, you do realise you are allowed to, you know, edit the audio file and remove the part where your vent stops working

  86. I shot you down 13ang13ang :D

  87. very funny interview -- "i am so pro" and "stfu" rofl

  88. whens part 2! looking forward to it.


  90. good good

  91. 13ang13ang is a horrible interviewer... -_- Stop talking about how much of a noob you are and focus on the interview at hand.

  92. basically, u gotta be kidding me

  93. Wheres part 2...

  94. Part II anyone ? : /

  95. Mr. Cygnus should be in a pro clan.

  96. Alot of "I just started to play etc. etc" - not very interesting.. The interview was about Phreak! I liked it though, one of the best audiocommentators WCReplays ever had! Nice interview

  97. hes been owning up the Azeroth ladder

  98. Dang, phreak has the weight of the U.S on his shoulders...GO PHREAK!
    PHREAK USA! Phreak is prolly the best us player with cannuck as second...

  99. Questions: Will phreak ever give some acs to wcreplays?..cuz i fricking love this guy.

    Also does he go to UC san diego?

  100. hmm maybee ill do part 2 soon

  101. So what happened to Phreak anyway?

  102. rain rain rain

  103. i cant download it : (

  104. i heard 13ang13ang was annoying in the interview and i can see why
    " I actualy thought about adding text to it, but writing out the text to a 90 min audio is no thx.. plus with phreaks amazingly fast talking rate it would be like trying to write down a squirel sing an opera at 5x speed. " f***ing lazy bum i cant download the interview


  106. Jubae is a lot more prolific than Rainman[\quote]

    Jubae sucks :?

  107. he got interviewed as Pibby or w/e ages ago...

  108. 13ang13ang your voice is nice clear but you have to fix your sound management tools.If you go for part 2 please tell the phreak to speak slowly and clear.

  109. so when is 2nd one coming out

  110. damn when comes to 2nd part f***ing long time since the 1st time got released so 13ang13ang do someting and rainman could u pls speak a little bit slower? -_- btw part1 one was very interesting

  111. NEED. PART. 2. PLEASE.

  112. Part II Please!!!!

  113. stfu rofl...

  114. 9 months and counting part dos


  116. You just have to fit in the "Phreak, you're my hero" story in every audio, rofl.


  118. imo phreak your a ***got and you suck at wc
    im not even kidding at all when i say this your
    nothing your fans think you are.
    cry more about everything being imba and nice
    respect to everyone who trys to talk to you -,-

  119. i dont think phreak will want to do a part II, with 13ang13ang anyways.. no offense but interviews are generally better when done by someone that knows a fair amount of the game... good attempt though, if i would have tried it would have been about the same. (except I would have edited out the STFU part)

  120. nice read !! gj bte

  121. lawl

  122. (\(\
    (. .)

  123. !!!!!!!!

  124. f*** you derk you're worthless. jealous pathetic f*** go get a life and suck a bag of dicks

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