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ReminD Me, A Story

by Kage

When it comes to Warcraft 3, there are certain players who have an illustrious lure to them, especially in the way they play the game. Thus, this has given them a rather large following, but many times these players have been very busy with their strict schedules and one cannot really know a lot about them or their thoughts on the game. In these next series of articles, I attempt to give you the view of the game through the eyes of the player.

My guest for this evening is a player whose nickname is instantly recognized among fans of both Warcraft 3 and specifically of the Night Elf Race. He sports the name “ReminD” and is a proud member of one the most feared clans in Warcraft, the World Elite. All of 19 years of age and living in Gu-ri city, near Seoul where he was born. This bespectacled lad has won many hearts and impressed a large amount of the audience with his consistent and smart play of the game.

It is my pleasure to introduce Kim Sung Sik to you.

Personal Stats

Name: Kim Sung Sik

Age: 20

Location: Seoul, Korea

Bnet Stats

Kalimdor: Phoenix_Remind

Race: Night Elf

  • Blizzard Ladder Season 1 Champion
  • Blizzard Ladder Season 2 Champion
  • ACON 5 Runner up
  • Undefeated Champion Team MWL Battle

How did it all begin?

If you have read interviews of other players, you all know that their love for gaming and rise to fame didn’t start with just Warcraft 3. Almost all of them played some sort of Real Time Strategy (RTS) before taking on Warcraft and most of the time it is Blizzard’s preceding title that gained fame around the world, a game called StarCraft.

“I also began with StarCraft, but was not serious, only interesting. Everyone was playing that game and then I tried it, too. I played Zerg in it. Then my friends and everyone shifted to Warcraft 3, so I also made the change. I started with my nick as New_War in RoC and then that nick got stolen, so I made ReminD. To ReminD myself of the game, to constantly remember the purpose and rethink everything, hence ReminD.”

Remind on Progaming

ReminD emphatically agrees that he is a pro-gamer. And the choice that he had made about 365 days ago is one he still stands committed to. While this may be a common norm amongst outsiders, pro-gaming in Korea is still not big in Korea save for StarCraft. “There are so many gosus in Korea but I feel there are not enough leagues for war3". Strange as it may seem, the nation that embraced StarCraft and has more people playing that game in Korea than outside it, seems to be a little drawn back on taking Warcraft 3 with the same vigour. "There seems to be a lack of interest in Warcraft 3 and StarCraft is much more popular there", says ReminD. ”Added to this, there is severe competition among players with many top talents all fighting for very limited seats.”

Consider 70 of the top players of the game for 15 spots and in a game that has a slight luck element to it, it can become very frustrating at times to get through. So what would be a solution that comes naturally? To shift out of the country to seek better prospects such as what Zacard (another pro-gamer) did.

"Sure I’d like to live in another country, but my work in Korea is not done. I still have many matches to play here so I won't be moving out now".

There was a rumour that as part of World Elite training, ReminD and his team mate,
WE.IGE.Check were planning to move to China. "It is very hard to live in China for a long time for it might be later not now. I have not decided, but maybe in future ^^".

Working as a pro-gamer is not a cup of tea, as most people are generally misinformed. While talking to ReminD, he has the opinion that the pay is good, but the work is extremely tense. Because a strict regime requires him to be on top as competition to enter the clan is great. WE itself has set a very broad target and intends on being the best clan in the world. This directly translates to a lot of expectations from each member and sometimes one cannot always predict sure victory even in a clan as prestigious as WE.

ReminD says, "It is hard and sometimes frustrating, not all maps and matchups are balanced. So in the game, you cannot always win, there are times when you have bad luck and you are not mentally focused with a lot of playing. So it is quite hard."

ReminD in the early days of his pro-gaming (2nd from right)


Many thought that ReminD would take the gold in this. Many even went as far to claim that this competition was totally based on who, out of the 3 players, would win: ReminD, Sky or Deadman. ReminD seemed to be cruising towards this belief, but suddenly his clan mate WE.IGE.Sky put a short stop to all of that. What really happened in those games?

I didn’t prepare a proper strategy and Sky’s strategy surprised me, I was always going Demon Hunter/Panda but that wasn’t very helpful. He had prepared very well and his strong push was so tough to play then.” Considering that it went 4:0, which shocked a lot of players, ReminD is now well prepared and has a couple of strategies to counter it.

ACON 5, the 2 Finalists.

Practice Regime

When he started this game, ShowTime, Dayfly and many others inspired him to do his best. He looked up to these players as idols and practiced day in and day out to reach their level. ReminD, who uses the philosophy practice makes perfect, believes that nothing can be gained without practice. How did he go about practicing to get better at the game? "I laddered a lot". The common mantra between many players, ReminD advises anyone new to the game to ladder because you get an exposure to many different strategies.

If one views ReminDs profile, you'll see that he has over 89 percent with not just one but all races. So what was the secret behind that? To gain a better understanding of the game, one needs to know his enemies well, and what better way is it than to place yourself in the enemies shoes?

ReminD during his MWL Match

ReminD played a lot of games to get a feel of the race and settle on its micro by learning the hotkeys and costs of the units as well as settling down on a comfortable grouping order. He often met many players on ladder whom he had requested for custom games and constantly worked on a loss by seeing what else he could have done. Watching replays of pro-players helped him immensely, too. He watches replays of all races and not just that pertaining to his primary one, the Night Elf.


When one talks about ReminD, one can’t help but mention WE.IGE.Soju somewhere along the line. So how special is Soju in the making of ReminD?
Well, Soju is my teacher and I am very close to him. Right back when I was a total noob in RoC, he had the best stats on ladder and helped me evolve Night Elf play. He is a genius, but he doesn't spend time on the game. I learned war3 from his playing, watching him play. It took a long time to become good at war3, I learned over many, many mistakes, watching and analysing how the game is played. But I always wanted to win, willed to beat the best players. I am also very lucky in matches so it helped." And thus in Soju did he see a worthy ally as was amply shown in the 2v2 Championship where they reached the finals. He has dibbles and dabbles with his second race Orc and one can clearly see his proficiency even with that race in the devastating 2v2’s with his clan mate WE.IGE.Soju.

Ever since he started the game he began with Night Elf and it’s not really hard to see why, seeing they portray some of the best looking units. But ReminD believed that what you should begin with is what you should stick with and thus hasn't looked back. However, he has been tempted to change to Orc many times because Undead gives him a difficult challenge.

Elf Imba surely?

If you have ever faced an Elf player and lost, you can blame it on imbalance and rest assured a community of players will join you. ReminD, who has played a lot of the other races, doesn’t feel so. It’s more about changing your attitude and strategy to suit the needs. “All Orc players who think Talons are imba and shit, should really see Grubby’s replays and his playing style to adapt. At least it's not as hard as Human vs Undead!”

Wait a second, Orc vs Elf is not imbalanced? And Human vs Undead is? “There is no imbalance, you should understand. It is only the player who makes the imbalance in a race. His thinking and timing is what makes race imbalance.” Well ok, but you did talk about imbalance in the game and now I am curious to know about the matchups and their relative strengths.

A lot is to be fixed really. Some matchups are not perfect at all. In my opinion, it is the following.

NE == HU

“It is a little on the edge but not imbalance, that is important to see. Little advantage for each race but only Undead is pure imba!”. What are the changes he suggests then for racial balance ?
“No good UD player can be really beaten without much micro and perfect play. Please fix cold tower delay, an Undead's main base is so imba ^^. Many problems against undead, Undead heroes too could use fixing. They seem to be very good together. Other races seem ok. It is not the race, but the player that is imba always!”

Achieving and Saving

ReminD is a wise lad who sees a lot into the future. While most gamers his age earn the money they receive on movies, girls, or snazzy clothes, he saves most of it for later use. He doesn't believe in wasting money that is earned through hard work and therefore thinks that it should be used wisely. Many wondered what he had won during the Bnet Season Finals where he currently holds the record for winning it twice in a row!

“I got $9,000 and a computer, too ^^.” Great stuff considering that he almost dominated the competition first time around and the second time against a tough Undead player in FuRy. However, Season 3 he fell a little short on his target. What happened in that? He had faced Farseer who had beat him considering that Orc is at a slight disadvantage in that matchup. “Well, I can’t blame anything, I just played stupid and was out of focus, nothing more.” Oh well, probably the next season will hail better tidings. He believes that he wasn’t very smart this time around and the thought of playing on one of the other ladders would have almost guaranteed him a place in the finals. “I didn’t think of it this time, I feel I was not smart, but maybe next time.”

His manager Zax, is all praise for him.
    "ReminD is a genius player, always giving us a surprise. Juvenility is his advantage and also his disadvantage, he still needs to improve his skill on mentality, but his skill is top class".

And what about his parents? “Well initially, they didn’t support and thought different. But now after seeing me play, they support me a lot”. ReminD has one sister currently lives in China and a year older than him, who supports of his gaming, too.

Remind with his sister at the beach

Final Thoughts and GG, GL, HF Dude!

ReminD has always been a mannered player and answers fans as much as possible. He doesn't ignore anyone, but one must also not abuse that friendliness. He tries to answer most whispers to him, this however doesn’t mean that I am in any way warranting the “go ahead whisper him” idea. He has often got insults and abuses too from guys and he finds it amusing. He believes that his fan collection is large and happy, but he considers it lucky, yet again.

"It is a big honour to have a fan club and I thank all my fans who support me. I also promise to bring a lot of success this year in war3 and dedicate it to them".

Note: ReminD has mentioned that he will give a replay pack to the interview, once the MIL League is over, so keep watching this space for that replay pack!

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  155. DeepCut looks liek he could put the smack down on you

  156. like**

  157. I agree Implosion

  158. GO REMIND

  159. N1 interview i pretty much share balance thoughts of remind + he seems superb mannered with even answering random wisps etc cool/skilled guy it seems ;)

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  161. lol @ implosion!

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    6-2-2006 does it take that long

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  167. Hey where is that replay pack the MIL is over

  168. Man they just want us in suspence!!!!!!!!

    Ok we get it now load the replay pack now ......

  169. Waitin for the rep pack, but you can dl reps from ReMinD at SW3 qualis on

    what is it korean, chinease, Japaneese!!! i found nothing
    Thanx for trying to help dough

  171. lol so ud is pure imba... and ne is NOT? -.-

  172. if there is something I hate,it definitely is someone saying he would give a replay pack after MIL is over and then not giving it at all..

  173. Annihila7e

    I know what you are saying just hold on it will be here and if its not maybe next time......

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  181. True, long time ago

  182. reality god job kage!

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  190. ReminD is god in war3...... he's unstoppable if he plays seriously.....

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    I want to see him rule!

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    ----Wait Its Not Here Yet...

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    feels like i've been doing for some months now -.-;

  199. Good Job Kage~

  200. Not only is he really good WC player, he's a nice guy as well ^^

  201. Hey guys , can you take seriously sby who calss himself "why i elf"l.He
    Reminds me indians talking in western movies.
    Me elf you Jane, oug!

  202. finally i hear someone that says dotts are not imba vs orc. It is merely the player that thinks so. Thank you remind !! your so pro

  203. Actually dotts are not imbalanced against orc but the heroes that tank with them (dh, beastmaster, tinker, firelord, kotg) - the point of using that strategy is to pull main pressure on the tankheroes and then keeping orc heroes in air so they can't keep the focus on their heroes when they're forced to do hard microing without heroes.

    Anyways never dotts are imba - they're weak like peace of **** and in case you have problems with dott tactic watch a few games of we.ige.focus and u will understand that using raider+batrider+demolisher combomination is a very good choice vs. it - all you need to do is to keep pressing e and blocking the move of dotts while focusfiring them with demolishers and then if night elf tries this change of form and fly behind them just selfkill the bats and they get so badly damaged that once they're on ground again one hit of hero or raider will instantly kill them.

    Anyways believe me the mainfactor of imbalance with dott-tactic are the heroes who tank with them, not the dotts themselves.

  204. Winning isn't based around certain strategies. It's based around the players.

  205. i think its about time wcr made a new interview,this one has been for the past 3 months

  206. gogo remind

  207. He looks like inteligent and kind person


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    u make a perfec job!

  225. nice to know a down to earth player..someone who plays for the love of the game...nice interview too....more power tou you guys...

  226. comment test

  227. wat happened 2 remind?

  228. LEFT HANDED OWNAGE go remind

  229. Testing's~

  230. left handed...


  231. hahaha did you saw his stats omfg o,,o
    nice interview though

  232. reminds always been a favorite player, when he's on his game he's amazing. he is right about what he said (also wasnt serious when he ment pure imba) or mostly imo, also you guys should stop talking so much shit about him. it's his opinion on a video game, he still seems like a nice guy you dorks :>

  233. (\(\
    (. .)

  234. I wonder if blizzard still listens to pros these days regarding game balance... (honestly, not being a sarcastic dick like it probably sounds considering this is a comment on a blog)

  235. you think blizzard will listen to remind because hes pro?
    blizzard has been programming and balancing this game for more than 7 years.. its one of the best strategy games among all video games.. no one can say whether its balanced or no .. its blizzard and i think warcraft is balanced in someway

  236. interesting interview ^^

  237. where's the replay pack if MIL League is over ? =)

  238. wow i love you

  239. ... nice interview
    i dont fancy ne too much .. in roc i played ud when tft came out i switched to orc because to me it felt like they became complete :P
    anyways i really enjoy intelligent play and for this i really respect ReminD
    i wish him the best of luck
    keep going and improoving

  240. nice done interview, more of this pls thx. about Imbalance: So many people talking about imbalance but not meantioning what the mean concrete. even remind did not say WHY he thinks this or that matchup is "imba". i think the better micro/macro and smarter player wins. the races are more less balanced. talons for example are of course very good but this is a race specific strenght! do you want to make all units the same? should the demon hunter be as strong as the bm?

  241. I knew it.... i always felt the same way about imbaness as ReminD.

    As an NE player, I confess NE is somewhat imba against orc, but that is really, nothing compared to the extent that UD is imba over NE.

    For a start, orc has Blade, and that itself resolves a lot of imbaness, esp. in early game creeping etc.

    On the other hand, UD seriously dominates elf in almost all stages of the game. T1 Ghoul skelly rush -> T2 naga/lich push -> T3 tri hero nuke + right click.

    NOT saying they arent counterable, just extremely hard, esp. if ur caught out of position, u can lose entire army or wisps.

  242. nice he steers the mouse with his left hand

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