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An Interview with Prae.Rob

A WCReplays Feature Interview

In Russia, getting some recognition is NOT easy, believe what you will. With names like  d Xyligan, d Deadman, d Happy, d Abver, d TitaN and others constantly impressing the world in the scene of Warcraft 3, it's nearly impossible to make your own name. Though, there are some things that can help. Like... beating eight strong opponents in a row at an NGL-one, or finishing 3rd at a WCG Russia qualifier. d Prae.Rob managed to do such things, among others, and has gotten a first taste of fame. Will he build it up now that it's hot, or slowly let it burn out? We here at asked him some questions, and are providing you with Rob's answers! Hello Rob, thank you for doing this interview. Let's get started with this right away. Who's your favorite player in Warcraft 3?

Prae.Rob: I love all orc players. Always interesting to watch replays of good Orcs who are playing with a new strategy, I don't care who it is really, it just has to be funny to watch. ^^

WCR: You ended 3rd at WCG Russia qualifiers. Was it a difficult tournament?

Rob: It was my first LAN tournament and it was so difficult. I can't tell exactly "how" it was, but 3rd place for me is awesome there so I'm happy!

WCR: This means that you will play in the WCG2006 in Italy. This is your first big international event. What are your expectations?

Rob: I will do my best there and hope I won't be too nervous etc. :)

WCR: Are you usually nervous before you play important games?

Rob: If I'm playing at home I can deal with the pressure in important games but I experienced that on LAN it's much more difficult to prepare for the game.

WCR: You have joined team Praetoriani. Do you think this team suits you good?

Rob: At the moment, I only have to train a lot. Thats why i joined Prae, because they gave me the opportunity to play in the NGL. Thanks Prae!

WCR: Oh yeah, about the NGL, you've surprised quite a lot of people recently by doing extremely well. First you 4-0'd the entire lineup of StarComa Gaming, a little over two weeks ago, and last week you took out every Hoorai player put up against you. Are you surprised by yourself, and how do these victories make you feel?

Rob: After WCG Russia, I started playing better and I'm feeling that I can do alot in WC3 . That's why I started to take this game more seriously and spending more time with it, unlike before.

WCR: Nice! Last week against Hoorai, you played against three strong night elf opponents in a row, of which 2 on favoring night elf maps. Did you expect you'd overcome them, in a matchup that generally favors Night Elfs the most?

Rob: I dont think that this matchup, Orc against NightElf, is imbalanced. Everyone who whines about this matchup just doesn't know the importance of the details, minor things that Orc players need to do to win, or at least that's what I think (laughs). And I'm proud that investing all that time in the game hasn't been for nothing. I've played a lot of games, only to improve myself and to beat strong opponents, which I'm now finally succeeding in. (happy smile)

WCR: Finally, after beating Levin, Qazzi and PaTo you faced KaKi, the new Orc player in Hoorai. You went with another surprising strategy; headhunters and blademaster, with spirit walkers later on. It seemed an effective strategy, do you use it often?

Rob: I'm using it alot but on this map not often. I Just tried something else, not the usual FS FL and fast tech, like all Orcs do. We need to remember to get more fun out of this game instead of focussing only on the money!

WCR: With all these convincing results you've achieved lately, people are going to expect a lot when they see your name. Do you think you have what it takes to be Europe's next best Orc?

Rob: I dont think that I'll be the "BEST ORC" in Europe, but I'll work hard to be one of the best! (smile)

WCR: Finally, you're also in the BNet Ladder Season 4. What are your thoughts of this initiative from Blizzard, and how much are you going for it - 100%?

Rob: I'm not in the Elite Ladder because Blizzard didn't invite me, that's unfortunate. At the moment, I'm playing standard ladder to prepare for WCG but it's not so effective because now all of the very best players are in the elite ladder. But I'm not going to lose my motivation because of it!

WCR: That's good news. Before we close this, let's do some word association games:

Fun: Comedy Club
Girls: TITS!
ESports: Dunno
Pizza: CHEESE!
Music: R'n'B
Russia: Beautiful girls
Blizzard: Imbalance

WCR: Thank you for your time, Rob. Do you have any shoutouts?

Rob: Thanks to all who are believing in me and thanks to my family and friends who are always with me in the hard times
And also thank you for doing this interview!

So it seems, gentlemen, that d Rob is one to keep an eye on. He regularly participates in inCups, and he's of course also in the lineup at the NGL qualifiers for Prae. We'll see d Praetoriani up against d World Elite Europe soon, so this will be a real test to them. Best of luck wished to Praetoriani and Rob!

Thanks to for the pictures!

Links to Prae.Rob's replays:
hoorai.KaKi vs Prae.Rob - Twisted Meadows
hoorai.PaTo vs Prae.Rob - Turtle Rock
Prae.Rob vs sca)mace - Lost Temple

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  1. who the hell is this guy?

  2. the same interview =/ but finally like 3 years watching that remind pic was annoying rofl

  3. agreed with nevermind

  4. I personally thought the interview was a bit short, WCR has failed to come with one for a long time, and this doesn't make up for it, we need more ^^! And for the guy who called him ugly, smarten up please. Nobody's perfect, and i'm sure if we saw a picture of you, we could point out a million flaws.

    Anyway, great guy, the interview was a little short, and there's not much about his history of WC3 Gaming.

  5. i found the interview interesting , but yes short, i wish we had more interviews around here, and as for the first comment , thats completely out of line

  6. blademaster and hh O_o

  7. nice with a lot of pro orcers coming... him.. ElakeDuck coming back again... not only NE dominating ^^

  8. wicked stuff, rus represent :D

  9. Who the hell is this guy? Never heard of him before..

  10. Rofl, look in the group shot, at Deadman (second from left). Stoner.

  11. very nice

  12. a shame blizzard not invited you too the elite-ladder rob :/

  13. Hmm, some pretty stupid comments in here. I hoped that after three years this community would've grown up some.
    With that said, this guy has a really great attitude, he doesn't let stuff get him down (still upbeat though hes not in elite ladder, doesnt whine vs elf LOL). I hope he continues to do well, and i hope WC continues to get more interviews :)

  14. [/i]"Did you expect you'd overcome them, in a matchup that generally favors Night Elfs the most?[/i]

    Rob: I dont think that this matchup, Orc against NightElf, is imbalanced. Everyone who whines about this matchup just doesn't know the importance of the details

    Oh my god, that is so f***ing sexy. What was that? Biased f***ing interviewer getting his ass handed to him kthxbi

  15. lol I was waiting like 2 years for an interview while so many rising stars are beating shit out of the people and there was still no new interview. Finally you publish an interview with Rob, because he beat 2 teams in NGL? all right, if you do so, then PLEASE an interview which is a LITTLE longer and a LITTLE better. I have to admit that WCR developed to quite a bad WC3 site if you compare to the others. WCR is getting worse and worse by time. I'm pretty sure this comment will be deleted like every other comment which is not 100% supporting WCR. anyway eat that shit admins

  16. 1 3/4 years for interview, rofl. I liked this interview and more orc players coming (back) into the wc3 scene! W00T!

  17. whats his nickname @Northrend?

  18. Analthrombose: Nah, your comment won't be deleted. As you may have noticed, WCR has indeed had its worst time behind. We realize that things haven't been so good, and as you SHOULD have noticed, we're working on it, bringing the coverage back to life. This is the first interview since this revival and I can guarantee you more and better ones will follow. It's the first time I did an interview too, so I understand that it's not really as good as it could be so let's just say that I will learn from this for the next time I do one.

    I had hoped that some faith was restored again in WCR, but I guess that takes some more time.

    Ecto: I am not biased. Saying that the matchup generally favors Night Elf is a common fact that nearly everyone came to agree with. Though the tides seemed to have change a bit lately, Night Elf has been dominating Orcs for the past two years, it's only now that finally some orcs are stepping up to it and it seems they have now found exactly what to do to NE. That still does not make my comment biased. I'm just trying to get interesting comments from the person I interview. And guess what, I did get em. Good job for me, right?

    Anyway, constructive criticism is very welcome and several comments here already are helping me. Cheers.

  19. gj nobigthing but next time the questions in bold would be nice as opposed to the answers now ;)

  20. lewl, lewl, lewl

  21. to say the honest and hurtful truth, been almost 10 years since the last interview and one of your staff members decides to put a half ass interview of some random guy?

  22. at least he did one... gj nobigthing thx for the interview :P

  23. WCR: Finally, you're also in the BNet Ladder Season 4. What are your thoughts of this initiative from Blizzard, and how much are you going for it - 100%?

    Rob: I'm not in the Elite Ladder because Blizzard didn't invite me


  24. Rob 4tw!

  25. RhoNe: The first day that the elite ladder was up I browsed through it and thought I saw Rob's name in there. I didn't double check when I was making the questions, but after I got his reply I figured I wasn't going to delete it cause that's rather lame. To all those who criticise me: keep at it, please.

  26. I gotta tell you something, to all stupid moderators of this page: THIS page is a typical proof of american dumbness. why? I'll tell you: This stupid nerd guy called Lee-Volution made a description once which really sucked. I told him that it sucked and i told him WHY. Guess what..My comment got deleted. I asked why, my account got deleted. I've complained about one guy who's making AC for this page: I said that it's not accepteable to work with people who are well-known for their childish and nomanner behaviour. GUESS WHAT..My thread got deleted! Some weeks ago I posted another thread where I told you VERY KINDLY to make a new interview and post more replays. Even this shit was deleted. But people who spam at every replay something like : "nice" or "gj" are not getting their posts deleted. I'm sick of this f***ing page which DOES NOT accept critics so I will never ever again visit this site until this f***ing bullshit is removed. Learn to handle critics, f***ing WCR.

  27. I want to see some of these beautiful russian girls Rob speaks of.

  28. @ no big thing : we did good job man, dont worry. Ive pretty liked this itw. Thx. n btw, noobies wont never stop whining about that MU. just gotta understand its just a matter of skill, not of balance

  29. You saying that NE - ORC matchup favours orc is biased. I don't even see how you could dispute this, especially considering the answer you were given. The fact that a lot of orcs like to whine about NE imbalance (despite NE getting its ass handed to it massively lately) doesn't change it from being your personal bias. I don't see how the fact that it's a populist bias would make it any better

  30. u should do one on xyligan :D

  31. Analthrombose

    I must admit that you're very right here. Though I understand that my older nick got deleted here since I acted out very childish and talked about things I didn't understand.

    Anyways on a page a moderator called Lockon deleted all my messages and left all the others to stay. He manually deleted all my messages although my messages included nothing else but the same than all the other messages.

    We talked about imbalance issues and what did Lockon do: he wrote a message where he said that imbalance issues are not meant to be solved in this forum. Anyways he let all the other imbalance issues to continue except that he deleted all my messages and when I begged him to tell me why he deleted that post too and deleted my account and banned me forever.

    I hope i havent yet given a new reason to bann me. Anyways moderators please think sometimes - even though u are a moderator u should act out fairly to everybody and take some critics. is a great example of page where the critics are overtaken and not deleted.

  32. Wtf. Rob is a random guy? Have you read the interview? He is obviously not a random guy when he beats 3 hoorai's in a row. He does well in InCup, and he finished 3rd in WCG russia.

    Anyways, thanks for the interview NBT :) Keep on doing your best.

  33. hehh.. dunno who this is but gonna check out reps

  34. Honestly I thought the interview was more than adequate, especially considering no one is really getting paid (except maybe the players themselves)

  35. ps, Its funny how after you've been out of high school for awhile you stop giving a crap about someone's appearance. It didn't even register with me when I first saw his pic if he was "good-looking" or not. But then again maybe that's because I am not gay either. Not sure which is the issue..

  36. He looks like he has downs syndrome

  37. Why PGM always convey the image of the virgin mentaly retarded ?
    ''Fun: Comedy Club
    Girls: TITS!
    ESports: Dunno
    Pizza: CHEESE!
    Music: R'n'B
    Russia: Beautiful girls
    Blizzard: Imbalance ''
    That alone ruins the credibility of this guy at all.
    Well, it's really funny to hord something about ''ESPORTS IN LONDON 2012'' or anybody who wants ESport to be more ''seriously '' considerd after reading that kind of interview...
    Isn't the war3 scene (or more generally : the ES scene) , with on one hand ''the gamers'' (2/3 of mental defectives, 1/3 of normal guys) and on the other hand all the prestigious sponsors, promotors, prices etc.. a bit ''schizophrenic'' ?

  38. He beated Kaki! Quite a nice orc

  39. Why all the wc3 players looks like little kids? So thin, no muscles...Only on fingers pressing the keybord ;DD.almost all of these kids have no future..

  40. lol, cause they sit in front of their CPU's and play wc3 12h a day.

  41. f*** u guys are so stupid , but i guess its to blame on your f***ing 11 year old brain !!!! f*** it makes me sick to see what nerds dare say when they are behind a f***ing screen, f*** u! i work out alot , its my only hobby except PC i guess... that doesnt make me better ffs ., its a personal choice god damnit.

  42. "Why all the wc3 players looks like little kids? So thin, no muscles...Only on fingers pressing the keybord ;DD.almost all of these kids have no future.."

    yamas, they have no future because they have no muscles? Get a grip. Brains get you places too you know? When their esport careers are over they'll find something else, and a decent job, not full time at Mcdonalds...

  43. yamas have you seen the picture of elakeduck?

  44. Girls:TITS! :D - Nice One ! xDDD

  45. Tomatohead

  46. NoBigThing, considering his interview, this guy doesn't appear to me that smart.
    Well, maybe playing the same game 8 hours a day (certainly for some years now) doesn't really feed his metaphysical thoughts.
    ''Girls : Tits, Pizza : Cheese, Music : R'N'B, Russia (his own country LOL) : Beautifoul girls''. N/C

  47. At.Faucheur that is just the first word where he thinks of when he hears "girls" or "music".

    When somebody asks you the first word that comes up in your head when you hear girls would you say "vagina" ?

    TITS ftw!

  48. this guy is a wannabe me =D

  49. rob is damn good and the ivew was good!
    you could make a BIG ivew with nilk since hes going to wcg and hes like THE MAN IN WC3L !

  50. at. faucher always tries to come up with something witty/belittleing to say. if your going to be a wc pro, ofcourse you're gonna need to play hours upon hours a day.

  51. another sick guy who thinks he is good in something wich is totally useless and worthless

  52. ROB YOUR DAMN RIGHT! Elf vs isnt imbalanced. The most orc players really just dont check the strategy how to beat elf. If something is imbalanced in orc vs elf then its blademaster^^

  53. guys get used to looking at robs pic for the next 1 and a half years

  54. goodthing he got banned for hacking on europe a few days ago

  55. This guy is realy good iv seen some of his games and he has skill

  56. @ cannabis who said: "lol, cause they sit in front of their CPU\'s and play wc3 12h a day."

    Yet you're name is cannabis, are you stupid? Pathetic people like you are the lamest thing ever. What do you do other than pc, cannabis?

  57. I hope more replays of Rob are released , this guy was really cool beating Zeus !

  58. exion - why am i lame? am i not right? Oo

  59. ah not bad ... good interview

  60. thanks for deleting the other interview

  61. This guy looks like a lizard

  62. I'm so happy you deleted the interview with that Russian *** face!
    Oh wait, this guy is Russian too.. Damn!!!!

    Well, at least he doesn't look like an Earcraft champion, like the other one, but rather a regular Warcraft champion.

  63. he plays good in vods @

  64. very very nice interview nbt :) keep up the great work as per usual :D

  65. Good job NBT, =D

  66. boeiakasha, keepin it real!

  67. I like the title! :)

  68. I like it too :)

  69. who in hell is this guy? hmm a little short intervju dont u think=?

  70. new interview, plx

  71. Great job on the interview!

  72. new interview would be thanks!

  73. i am tired of this pic

  74. wellll...i've seen his replays...(not from the replays pack) he dont' look like a well manner player to me :-[

  75. I've seen him play, but not often tho.... try intervieing sweet !

  76. btw..maybe next time put a pic that doesn' tlook straightly at u..its annoys me so much whenever i come to this site...I try to avoid the pic but it just arrgh..I remember when we used to h the remind wasn't that bad. Sorry i'm not saying hes ugly just annoying :)

  77. this picture is really starting to freak me out.

    new interview or just delete the pic please

  78. ^
    what he said... he has had his mug up there for soooo long!

  79. "guys get used to looking at robs pic for the next 1 and a half years"

    I was thinking about the same thing xD

  80. hahah that guy's picture has been there since I have been a member on site :/

  81. good interview, russia has produced some great gamers.. more interviews plz =\

  82. LOL @ First Post kinda thought the same

  83. LOL @ First Post kinda thought the same

  84. ouch i read through the comments flame war :(

    this guy maybe unknown but hes making more money than anyone posting here is playing warcraft 3

    as for the interviewer more plzlzlzlzlz
    and you did a great job

  85. Seriously if this pic is up much longer I am going to kill myself.

    Not only that but i'll write a suicide note, and perhaps even record doing it, and have someone mail all of this to wcreplays just so you can see I wasn't kidding.

    I used to like Rob as a player, but the fact his mug is beginning to irritate me greatly means I now hate him.

    Good interview though :)

  86. hahah yeah I think everyone is sick of his face


  88. Ugly mofo

  89. Btw that was a joke :P

  90. (\(\
    (. .)

  91. The BM and HH strat sounds quite interesting. Good interview.

  92. Naaa ... robocob is real imba ... dont stop with u moves ... gl mate

  93. He looks alittle familiar... weird.

  94. Wasn't he in Rocky IV?

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