WC3Manager Basics with ONe by WorpeX

Recently, I sat down and had a chat with the man behind the web-based Warcraft 3 craze known as Warcraft 3 Manager. For those who have never heard of the game, never fear. In my short chat with him he told me what the game was about, some up to date statistics, the game's history, and even a helpful hint for new comers.

    WCR|WorpeX: Hello ONe! You are the website manager for the web-based game known as WC3Manager, can you introduce yourself?
    ONe: Hello My name is Jose , I'm 23 and I'm from Galiza (Spain) I'm currently living in Copenhagen (Denmark), working and trying to study.

    WCR|WorpeX: Nice, So you've been running WC3Manager for quite awhile now. Can you give any readers who are unfamiliar with the game an overview?
    ONe: Well, WC3Manager is a manager game where you handle a pro Warcraft3 team. This means you get sponsors, play in leagues, play b.net ladder , buy/sell players, etc.
    ONe: I started the game like 3 or 4 years ago. First it was just for my friends, after that I opened the game for the Spanish community. Now, everybody can sign up and feel the exciting eSports world.

    WCR|WorpeX: Wow, thats quite a long time ago. :O Before we get too far into the game, lets talk about you a bit more. What does a normal day for you look like?
    ONe: At the moment, a normal day in my life is quite normal haha :P I wake up, take a shower and I go to my job. And yes, my job is developing wc3manager.

    WCR|WorpeX: Thats cool that you get to work and do something you love at the same time.
    ONe: Yeah, I started the WC3Manager development as my hobby, just for fun, and finally it became into my job. So I'm very happy for that.

    WCR|WorpeX: You work for MyM correct?
    ONe: Actually I work for Regroup Esports, the company behind mYm.

    WCR|WorpeX: So do you still play WC3 at all?
    ONe: Nah, I quit Warcraft 3 years ago. My last active year was 2004, so... heheh :P I played a lot Warcraft3 until 2004 but with real life stuff and my new wc3manager hobby , I couldn't keep playing and I quit. I still play little tournaments just for fun when any LAN party is made in my city :P

    WCR|WorpeX: Well at least you're still active a bit. Lets get into WC3M now. On average, how many people use WC3Manager actively?
    ONe: I can tell you a number, but it would be useless because since we've opened the game, it's been growing very fast, and in the last month it grew even more. There are more than 2000 users playing in one league, and many people are waiting to join the league next month. But in few weeks there will be many more.

    WCR|WorpeX: Oh wow, thats more than I expected. Who do you think are the top countries and teams right now?
    ONe: Right now, there are many people in Germany who make the German league very hard. You can find good teams even in the third division. For that reason, I think Germany is the top country at the moment. Russia is really close to Germany and the teams from Russia are pretty good. In the third position I will say Spain, because they have been playing for a long time, and they have more experience in the game, but it seems like other countries are going to remove Spain from top 3 soon.

    WCR|WorpeX: I think Canada would be number 1 if they had a ladder though! Anyway, does anyone help you run WC3Manager? or are you doing most of the work alone?
    ONe: In the first 3 years I made almost the whole game. But I have friends who helped me to develop a few sections. For example, I didn't make any WC3Manager web design :P I always needed someone to make graphics or the whole layout hehe.
    ONe: Right now, I'm still making most of the work, but guys from Regroup are helping me when I need it.

    WCR|WorpeX: You have nice friends. :P Mine would have told me to do it myself. Can you give us some tips for new players?
    ONe: You should ask top wc3manager users instead of me. They are better than me playing my game haha :P Maybe the most important thing at the begining is to improve the website level several levels and try to reach as many league cup rounds as possible. After that you can think about improving your roster :P

    WCR|WorpeX: Sounds like a good tip to me! What do you think of when I say this.... Starcraft 2 Manager?
    Word association!
    WCR|WorpeX: ESports
    ONe: Starcraft Brood War

    WCR|WorpeX: Food
    ONe: rice

    WCR|WorpeX: girls
    ONe: one

    WCR|WorpeX: music
    ONe: feelings

    WCR|WorpeX: Warcraft 3
    ONe: Moon

    WCR|WorpeX: Coke or Pepsi?
    ONe: Coke

    ONe: What? Where? I want to play it! hehe Nobody knows when Starcraft 2 will be released so its hard to talk about Starcraft 2 Manager. But it could be a good option.

    WCR|WorpeX: I have a few questions from fellow WC3Manager users right now...
    WCR|WorpeX: MaiGoL, manager of team MaiGoL FC asks - What was the original idea for the game?
    ONe: Buff hehe. Well, 3 years ago I was learning PHP & MYSQL things in my own way, searching websites, reading manuals and trying to learn as much as possible. And I always loved to play managers games, like total club manager. So one day I thought that I could make something like total club manager for WC3, and mix everything I liked in that moment :P So to practice my learning I decided to develop the game!

    WCR|WorpeX: Sweet, and it all just went from there then?
    ONe: yeah hehe. I started with a very crappy game, with just 2 options. First, my friends and me created one league to play between us. But it grew to get the current game.

    WCR|WorpeX: Ok, moving on. Kata, manager of team i porn you asks - What does the Future of WC3Manager look like?
    ONe: The game is constantly growing. I will add more languages and more leagues in the future to open the game to everybody. I am adding some nice new features soon. So the future is to make a huge family with wc3manager users and keep having fun.

    WCR|WorpeX: AbusingAces, manager of team European Light Knights - Whats your favorite kind of beer?
    ONe: hahaha crazy russian :P When I'm in my city, I like to drink Judas, but I don't like many other dark beers :P

    WCR|WorpeX: ^^ Thank you for the interview ONe! Any shoutouts?
    ONe: Thank you for the interview! And from here, I want to thank my friends who help me in everything they can, and Regroup Esports for trust in my project And kids, remember, PGeS rules !

Check out WC3Manager for yourself over at its official home on the web, wc3manager.com. Tell them WorpeX sent ya'.

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    Shaddi: yes it's rather close.. but this is way faster and not as much work to get into leagues and getting sponsor and stuff.. i'm a real manager for a rather good team, though this is way funnier.. since it's faster and not so serious

    If you don't already play this i really recommend it, it's great fun and only gets better when you get to know the other managers somewhat, come join us on mIRC (#wc3manager @ QuakeNet)

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