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Best of British

An Interview with Ben "DeMusliM" Baker

We were recently lucky enough to catch up with the rising British star
DeMusliM. After returning to the WC3 Scene in 2007 he became the centre of attention as he signed for the international gaints 4Kings. DeMusliM was quick to prove himself as a top player, as he produced impressive results for the Kings, most noticably winning UK WCG 07 and beating Lyn in NGL-One.

After a concealed feud with 4Kings, DeMusliM moved on and signed with ALTERNATE aTTaX along with XlorD. Once aTTaX were set to move onto the international Warcraft scene, DeMusliM once again proved himself, as he helped aTTax to qualify for NGL-Two, winning six games and losing just two.

After a long interviewless phase I was lucky enough to get hold of him, and I hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.

-- RedRagToAnOrc

DeMusliM's Favourites
Race: Human/Orc
Player: The players that inspired me the most were Kenshin.Werra/Swain but I guess nowadays it's ToD.
Unit (to use): Rifleman
Hero (to use): Mountain King
Unit (to kill): Kodo
Hero (to kill): DH or Blademaster
Food: Pizza or a Sunday Roast
Drink: Tea, for sure!
Game (aside from WC):: Final Fantasy 7/8 and CS:S maps for chilling out!
Film: Probably The Shawshank Redemption.
Band: Any Soft Rock/Soft Metal - only thing I don't bother listening to is gay rips of R 'n' B.
Sport: Football (Soccer for you Americanos!!)

RedRagToAnOrc: Hello DeMusliM! For those who may not be familiar with who you are, would you care to write a little introduction of yourself for the community?

DeMusliM: Hello community! My name is Ben Baker and I'm 18 years old - my online alias is DeMusliM, I play WC3 and my race is: Humansss!

RedRagToAnOrc: So how did you come to start playing WC3 and when did you start taking it seriously?

DeMusliM: I started like one year after RoC came out, I went to a mate's house where we played Starcraft in the past (for fun - didn't know anything about the "pro scene"!) and he started playing a custom game called Aeon of Strife with the DH that raped everything even in a custom!

So I thought, hey, that looked cool and bought it - I played RT a lot after I got bored of CGs and kept on playing - got into some UK clans and eventually realised it wasn't just about fun - I was a pretty late starter, only realised about the money when FoV won ESWC 2004.

RedRagToAnOrc: How much of an impact do you think Starcraft II will have on the competitive Warcraft scene, and what is your "game plan" as such for when Starcraft II is released?

DeMusliM: I think it will pretty much break WC3 into two sections, the very successful players in WC3 I believe will carry on for as long as it lasts and they're still making a lot of money out of it, whereas I think the other players for sure will give SC2 a go.

As for myself I will try SC2 and see what happens, but I won't forget about WC3 depending on what my situation is.

RedRagToAnOrc: Can you see yourself still gaming in a year or two's time, or are there other priorities for you?

DeMusliM: Well, I'm in college right now with another year and a half to go, so I can see myself still playing games as I still enjoy them now, and the money is also very good for a part-time thing for me. :)

RedRagToAnOrc: How do you see the eSports scene expanding over the next few years - and is there a place in mainstream life for competitive gaming?

DeMusliM: Well, the UK seems pretty against gaming, or just doesn't have the time for it at least. Countries such as Germany and Korea I believe will mainstream it before others if any bother to.

"But yeah, I really do feel I have more to show."
-DeMusliM on his performances this season

RedRagToAnOrc: Okay, moving on to clan/league-based questions - do you feel that all the dust has settled over the 4K affair? Do you want to leave it as it is, or looking back now, are there any regrets you have, or further comments to clear things up?

DeMusliM: As for the 4K affair, no, nothing has been settled and it was very messy, I haven't been able to contact the manager ever since leaving or most of the time while I was in the clan so it was hard to do anything.

As for regrets, I don't regret joining 4K as I enjoyed playing with the guys, I just didn't realise what a mess I was getting into in terms of management. :S

RedRagToAnOrc: Sad to hear it. :(

You've since joined Alternate Attax - how are the team members gelling and are you happy with the organisation so far?

DeMusliM: Well, I joined knowing we would have a pretty stable base with me and ixi [XLorD] - and I thought similar solo players would follow. After around the space of a week, we realised that some German players such as Dark and Yaws were shining very brightly, and then the combination of Starcoma and Alternate came to pass.

RedRagToAnOrc: You've said in other interviews that you're confident in the playing strength of the former Starcoma team that moved to aTTaX. Did you have any input on who you wanted to see added to the team?

DeMusliM: Yeah, there were a few names mentioned that I immediately objected to, or ixi did, but we have been very happy with the new additions and no regrets as of yet. :)

RedRagToAnOrc: aTTaX has had a relatively good start to their campaigns, qualifying for NGLTwo and maintaining a decent WC3L record - what are aTTaX's goals for the coming seasons in both WC3L and NGL?

DeMusliM: Well, we've had a rocky start to WC3L and myself especially. For NGLTwo, I'm hoping to reach NGLOne asap because I really like the format of the league. As for WC3L - I'm not gonna be unrealistic, so I'm just hoping that we stay in a position where we don't have to requalify - and hoping for some upsets too! And yeah, a 6th place would be awesome if we pulled something out of the bag. But we're new to the league and I think we're doing alright.

RedRagToAnOrc: Okay - I guess following on from the start of that answer, how do you personally feel you have been standing up to the stiff competition so far in WC3L - are you content with your performances or do you feel you have more to show?

DeMusliM: Well, I've had pretty tough opponents such as SoJu, Check and Elfi etc - so I didn't expect the best results. I do feel I have more to show, but my physical condition during the last few weeks has been pretty bad. But yeah, I really do feel I have more to show.

RedRagToAnOrc: Okay, let's move onto the Warcraft side of things! For starters, I know it's a difficult question, but it's a question on many people's minds - how "balanced" do you believe the game is right now?

DeMusliM: Remove Elf. And all is well.

Apart from that, I think Towers/Tanks needs a change, I believe Web needs a change, same too with Ensnare.

RedRagToAnOrc: Okay. Blizzard have said that they are taking the advice of high-level gamers (or in their words, "E-Sports Players") when developing the new patch. Have you had any input on the patch?

DeMusliM: I think my comments towards the patch were ignored, as I just commented on how Elf is shit, DH is ridiculous and Wisps are fucking WTF? Guess I was high on tea at the time. :S

RedRagToAnOrc: Haha, okay. One large difference between other RTS communities and the Warcraft/Starcraft communities seems to be that many of the better players of the other games are willing to throw advice or help out into the open for other "less skilled" players - whereas with the Warcraft community there are less of these helping hands. Do you have any thoughts as to why this is?

DeMusliM: Laziness and general attitudes developed through playing BNet, I guess. Most guys who have played on BNet will have realised that getting flamed, or told how bad you are after a loss or a win kinda happens every game. In my opinion, this kind of thing actually starts to make people think "why should I share my secrets if I'm thought of like this?".

RedRagToAnOrc: Hmm, that's an interesting take on things.

DeMusliM: Plus, replays always help anyway - and for most cases people can get tips from them.

RedRagToAnOrc: Okay then. There's been a lot of opinions raised about the level of community interaction provided by Blizzard with regards to the new patch. Are you following developments on the forums? If so, do you feel that the level of transparency at the moment is okay?

DeMusliM: Reading forums and other people's comments frustrates me to say the least - I'm very argumentative and if I realise that someone is just plain dumb, or just a retard or a troll, I don't bother to react anymore. It's horrible reading stuff that people write when they blatantly don't know what they're on about.

RedRagToAnOrc: Have you played Human from the start of your career and why did you settle on them when picking a race?

DeMusliM: Hmm, I played random for ages, then realised mass Sorcs/Priests were sick imba in RoC - and then kinda played Human in important games and kept on playing Random. Whereas now, I play Human/Orc but my Elf and Undead are pretty much okay. :)

I love playing reverse race against players for money, such as Zeus - you owe me 50 euros!

RedRagToAnOrc: Haha, I'll make sure to put that in the interview!

DeMusliM: :)

RedRagToAnOrc: When you first started playing the game seriously, how did you initially go about improving - in other words, what advice would you give to those who would like to get better at the game?

DeMusliM: Well, I didn't really have a steep learning curve at any point. I tried to never get angry and never blame imbalance for a loss. As soon as you think imbalance lost you the game you should just stop right there, really - as that mindset will just cripple your thoughts and ruin that matchup for you.

I suggest watching pro replays and your own replays, and just comparing yourself with the "pros" etc. Apart from that, develop an understanding of how to micro by playing lots of games.

RedRagToAnOrc: What's your favourite matchup right now and why - and likewise with your least favourite?

DeMusliM: My least favourite is Human mirror - not because I'm bad at it, just because I feel that certain items can corrupt the game - ie. if it's TS, both players creep the merc camp and one gets a Greater Mana Potion while the other gets a shitstick of Mana Steal, then it's blergh.

As for my favourite matchup, I probably like Undead the most as it's a completely different playstyle - you don't make units! :)

RedRagToAnOrc: Painfully true! eSports is arguably seen as a slightly more obscure competitive medium at the moment - what do your friends and family think of your gaming?

DeMusliM: Well, when I sell my friends' XBox's and shit, they don't complain, but they think it's funny that I can go around the world and earn money for doing so - a lot of them really do hate me for earning money for doing what we all love! And as for family - my parents support it so long as I continue with studies and shit too. :)

RedRagToAnOrc: Okay, so let's wind down with some much more light-hearted stuff. I think a bit of word assocation is in order!

Let's go! Human

DeMusliM: Pie

RedRagToAnOrc: Korea

DeMusliM: Pink

RedRagToAnOrc: School

DeMusliM: Retard

RedRagToAnOrc: Blizzard

DeMusliM: Imba

RedRagToAnOrc: Hax!11!

DeMusliM: GG

RedRagToAnOrc: Patches

DeMusliM: Joke

RedRagToAnOrc: Towers

DeMusliM: SOS

RedRagToAnOrc: Imbalance

DeMusliM: Elf!

RedRagToAnOrc: Thanks for letting me interview you! If you want to hand out any shoutouts, now's your chance!

DeMusliM: Thanks to team Alternate for all the support, I'd like to wish my teammates the best of luck in the future with anything they participate in. I'd also like to add that Frozen is a cockbag. Thanks!

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