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Crossing Over: FuRy
by Ciel

Where are they now? A question that many of us Warcraft III fans ask with regard to our former idols: The Warcraft III pros. Well, in most cases the answer is but a simple one. They are now playing Starcraft II, of course.

Every Thursday WCReplays will be catching up with a former Warcraft III player who has since 'crossed over' to Starcraft II. Once we've tracked them down we'll be asking these players a series of questions in relation to both Warcraft III and Starcraft II. This week former Undead, now Terran player FuRy is stepping up to the mic.

General Information

Real Name - Sebastian Pesic
Age - 26
Nationality - Swedish
Warcraft III Race - Undead
Starcraft II Race - Terran
Favourite Warcraft III Map - Turtle Rock
Favourite Starcraft II Map - Shattered Temple
Favourite Warcraft III Unit - Crypt Fiend
Favourite Starcraft II Unit - Medivac
Favourite Warcraft III Hero - Death Knight
Warcraft III Achievements - Blizzcon 05 competitor / WC3L and NGL Participant / Dreamhack 08 Winter & Summer 3rd place / ESWC 05
Starcraft II Achievements - 2x Craftcup Lite Winner / Viking Cup #30 Winner / 2x Go4SC2 Cup Runner-Up


The Frozen Throne expansion saw Warcraft III change quite substantially. Do you think that Heart of the Swarm will have a similarly big impact on Starcraft II?

I hope so. The difference is that there is already another expansion pack planned for SC2 which I think is quite bad. To release HotS so fast after the release of SC2, it doesn't not give the game a chance to stabilize and I do feel it will be the same problem with HotS and the expansion after that. You'll have to wait like 1-2 years after the last expansion for SC2 is released for the game to stabilize around a few basic builds and strategies that are super solid like in BW, and I think the game will then be much more easily appreciatable by the vast audience. I dont like the general idea of SC2 and then 2 separate expansion packs at all. I'd much prefer it if it was like WC3 or BW. It's kinda like they're restricting parts of the game just so they can become expansion features.

How do you feel when playing former top level Warcraft III players in Starcraft II? Is there an added level of pressure in that situation?

Yes, definitely. Especially if I considered myself a better WC3 player than the SC2 player in question, then it really hurts my pride if I lose to them in SC2 ( which happens alot of the time ). When the tables are turned and you play a player you considered a better WC3 player and you manage to beat them, it feels so much better than winning vs some player from BW for example.

Does your Blizzard fanboyness extend beyond RTS titles? Are you psyched for Diablo III? Have you ever given WoW a shot?

Sadly I did play WoW for a dark period of my life. It's a really fun game if you play it with friends but it's just too time consuming and repetitive. I'm definitely psyched for D3 and will start playing it with some RL friends and am sure it will be very fun and enjoyable.

What are the most useful things you learned in Warcraft III that you carried along to Starcraft II?

There aren't so much specific aspects that I carried over but mostly a strategic sense developed over many years and so many games along with multitasking and unit control. This strategic sense takes alot of time to develop and will stay with you in any RTS and probably other genres aswell.

Similiarly, did your Warcraft III play ever hinder your Starcraft II ability? Over-microing, perhaps?

I would not make more than 20 workers in a game for the first few weeks. It's really hard to get used to making workers from every CC the entire game, basically. So I guess that was a bit hindering. Also, exactly like you said I do tend to try to over-micro and end up with over 2k Minerals somtimes which is really bad. In SC2 I think it's important to identify when it's worth the extra micro time or when you have to macro.

Would you say there are any similarities between the Warcraft III and Starcraft II races?

There are many definite similiarities. Zerg is similar to Undead with the speed of the army and many and cheap units. Also, Muta and Garg harass are quite similar. Looking back at it I probably should have started out with Zerg. Terran is similar to Human with the Siege Tank and Bunkers; they're a very defensive race. Orc is kinda like Protoss with the few and expensive units.

Do you miss the RPG elements that Warcraft III had? Heroes, items, mercenaries...

I miss those elements, yeah, but I wouldn't like it at all if they added them to SC2. It adds some randomness and makes the game so much harder to balance. It will find its place in WC4 if they ever decide to make it.

Warcraft IV or Heart of the Swarm?

Warcraft IV. I really miss Warcraft III. I just swapped to Starcraft because everyone else did so mainly for the purpose of tournaments.

Have you played the Starcraft II campaign? Do you have high hopes for Heart of the Swarm's?

Yeah, that was the first thing I did. I never intended to play SC2 1on1 seriously so I started slowly with the campaign, then played some team games, and then finally the urge was too big so I started training for tournaments again. I do have really high hopes for the new campaign however I bet it will be less fun than the original since I was pretty bad when I played it and I found it quite challenging. I have a hard time imagining that HotS' will be challenging enough for anyone in the Grand Master league.

Do you miss Gnolls? You've got to, right?!

Of course, I miss all the Warcraft III creeps!

What one, non-balance change would you make to Starcraft II?

I really hate the small delay for making Yamato and Snipe and stuff like that. If I spam it too quick I lose control of those units. Dunno why, but I would really wanna change that.

With such an impressive gamers resume, is there still anything left you want to prove as a gamer? Would you consider moving to Asia again to compete in esports?

I wish I had won a lot more tournaments, but for me on a personal level I've proved everything I wanted. I would have liked to have held a title from one of the big tournaments, though. I don't think I would want to go to Asia again for eSports; that part of my life is over. What triggered me to return as a gamer was simply the spirit of competition and remembering how much fun i had with the people online and offline.

Finally, any shoutouts for your (WC3 or SC2!) buddies or sponsors?

I lost my Starcraft II team so the only shoutouts I have are to my family.

He was the king of Orcs and now he's a high level Protoss competitor. That's right, next Thursday Ciel interviews Grubby.

  1. He was the king of Orcs and now he's a high level Terran competitor. That's right, next Thursday Ciel interviews Grubby.

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