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Crossing Over: ThomasG
by Ciel

Where are they now? A question that many of us Warcraft III fans ask with regard to our former idols: The Warcraft III pros. Well, in most cases the answer is but a simple one. They are now playing Starcraft II, of course.

Every Thursday WCReplays will be catching up with a former Warcraft III player who has since 'crossed over' to Starcraft II. Once we've tracked them down we'll be asking these players a series of questions in relation to both Warcraft III and Starcraft II. This week we step in to the world of the Danish former Night Elf plyer ThomasG.

General Information

Real Name - Thomas Glinski
Age - 22
Nationality - Danish
Warcraft III Race - Night Elf
Starcraft II Race - Terran
Favourite Warcraft III Map - Turtle Rock
Favourite Starcraft II Map - The Shattered Temple
Favourite Warcraft III Unit - Druid of the Talon
Favourite Starcraft II Unit - Marauder
Favourite Warcraft III Hero - Demon Hunter
Warcraft III Achievements - 1st WCG SEC 2010 / 3rd IeSF Challenge 09 /3rd Stars War Reborn with Team / 1st ENC 09 / 3rd ENC 2010
Starcraft II Achievements - N/A


The Frozen Throne expansion saw Warcraft III change quite substantially. Do you think that Heart of the Swarm will have a similarly big impact on Starcraft II?

I think the change will definitely be smaller. A new campaign and a few new units. I think blizzard will [have to] be very careful when adding in new units since I guess the balance of the game is already quite decent.

How do you feel when playing former top level Warcraft III players in Starcraft II? Is there an added level of pressure in that situation?

Haha, not really. But I do like when former Warcraft III players do well in Starcraft II and I follow them more than others. Especially my old mate Thorzain!

Does your Blizzard fanboyness extend beyond RTS titles? Are you psyched for Diablo III? Have you ever given WoW a shot?

Never gave WoW a shot but I will probably play some Diablo III. I definitely enjoyed the first Diablo, though I will probably mainly play it for the single player. I already had a chance to play the alpha 2 years back and it seems like it will become a great game!

What are the most useful things you learned in Warcraft III that you carried along to Starcraft II?

Probably how to optimise strategies and builds and such. And micro. You learn, from being a semi-progamer once, what it takes to become one again.

Similiarly, did your Warcraft III play ever hinder your Starcraft II ability? Over-microing, perhaps?

I think it actually did. I thought for a while [that] I could play more offensive all-in type strategies and simply outmicro my opponents. While it did take me to Grandmaster, it didn't take me much further so for the last months I've started playing in a more standard way. But yes, I think it has taken me longer to get good macro due to having played WCIII before.

Would you say there are any similarities between the Warcraft III and Starcraft II races?

Sort of, yeah. Terran is somewhere between Human and Elf, Protoss seems like Orc/Elf, and Zerg seems like Undead/Human. Of course there is no direct translation between the races, but there are similarities. Protoss having fewer, tougher units, just like Orc, while Terran can use workers early on to push and otherwise play rather defensive, just like Human.

Do you miss the RPG elements that Warcraft III had? Heroes, items, mercenaries...

I miss it a lot. People said that these things made the game more random, and I agree, but you had time to react. If you found Trueshot Aura, go for Talons instead of Bears. If the opponent found Vamperic Aura, don't play a straight up Bear mirror match, for example. So while these were luck dependant, you could react. In Starcraft II, the luck factor is very different. You can't scout well early game, hence you can often get caught by all-in strategies. And in that situation you can't react. If you aren't ready, you've lost. I miss the reaction time from Warcraft, so overall I feel Starcraft is the more luck-based game, and I certainly miss the RPG elements.

Warcraft IV or Heart of the Swarm?

Warcraft IV no doubt. While I do enjoy Starcraft; it's no Warcraft.

Have you played the Starcraft II campaign? Do you have high hopes for Heart of the Swarm's?

I've played it and I liked it, but I mainly play for the multiplayer experience. I will play the campaign in Heart of the Swarm aswell, but I am more eager to see the new multiplayer aspects.

Do you miss Gnolls? You've got to, right?!

Sorry! I haven't really thought about that so I guess I don't miss them. :(

What one, non-balance change would you make to Starcraft II?

I would make the ladder work a bit more like the one in Warcraft in terms of how many times you can meet the same opponent. I think it's ridiculous that you can play the same opponent four games in a row which is often the case if you just search right after your game is done. There should be some time range after a game where you could not meet the same opponent.

In Warcraft III you were known as ThomasG but in Starcraft II you're called Cupcake. Why the change? (Not that we don't love cupcakes!)

In Warcraft I was kinda stuck with ThomasG but it's not a very good nickname. In order to gain more fame, a nickname should be sort of catchy and something people can relate to. My girlfriend Michelle came up with the name CupCake and I loved it. It has sort of a Korean touch and, even though most people so far haven't liked it, people remember it. They can relate to it and that's what's most important. So, in spite of the negative comments, I thank Michelle for it :D

In Warcraft III you were known for your unit control and aggressive playstyle. Do you find yourself using the same style in Starcraft II? Does it work as well?

Well, I guess I sort of answered this briefly already: I tried and failed. It is not possible to use the same playstyle, at least not as Terran. If I could repick, I would probably choose Protoss, but it would take too long to change. I keep some elements from my Warcraft time, for example I still like to play aggressive, but in Starcraft, patience and macro is a bigger part of the game so naturally I will be forced to change my playstyle more and more.

Finally, any shoutouts for your (WC3 or SC2!) buddies or sponsors?

First off, a huge shoutout to Michelle who supports me so much :) A big shoutout also goes out to RAGE eSports who believes in me and supports me along the way, for example they were the reason I could go to Dreamhack so easily, and even though the results weren't there quite yet, I think I can repay them in the future.

In next Thursday's Crossing Over, it's all eyes on Ciara.

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  12. In case anyone's interested, this feature is on a brief hiatus for a number of issues. It will be back either next Thursday, or the following one. Sorry about that!

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