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[SC2 1.4] Starcraft 2 Audio Commentary #6
By Cecil

Cecil vs engulfSAGA
Races::Zerg vs Zerg
Map::xel'naga fortress

Cecil.ESports@Facebook Cecil is back!! This audio features a short Z v Z from Playhem. Official Youtube Channel

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  1. Good to be back :) I've done 30+ audios already, which you can snag at

  2. LONG time fan, good to see you back sir!

  3. Not so informative.

  4. Nice, another Cecil. It needs more minutes though ;)

  5. Cecil!! Thanks for the fun audio, hope you get back to it!
    Long time fan >)

  6. I'm gonna start playing SC2 competitively soon, and one of my goals will henceforth be to one day dominate the 4v4 ladder with an SC2 cecil team and get you many more years of customers to train.

  7. should play with newbiee lol

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