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[TFT 1.26] Audio Commentary #680
By Downwhere

KODOS_FORSAKEN vs The Might of 4v4 RT players
Races::Human vs Orc
Map::Full Scale Assault
Audio Length::00:37:00
Pause At::Never!
Game Speed::N/A

Downwhere and Matthew make another Warcraft audio commentary. We also decide to spice things up with some autotuning. In other news, autotuning sucks.

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  1. Downwhere is a real man not a kid who switches to sc2.

  2. I realized after quite some time into the replay that Matthew sounded the same to me auto-tuned as he did in his regular voice. I LoL'd - keep the audio section alive Downwhere!

  3. 4's rt is so much more entertaining under autotune :D

  4. Oh man, how did I miss this.

  5. Downwhere and matthew are the bosses of audios, keep them coming please they are brilliant!

  6. The auto-tune bothers me so I had to stop at 5:14 but this was very funny.

  7. lol kodo #1

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