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[TFT 1.24] Audio Commentary #682
By Sasuke

 Remind  vs   Infi
Races::Night Elf  vs  Undead
Map::Twisted Meadows
Audio Length::no:id:ea
Pause At::01:00
Game Speed::1x

Hey there WCR, Sasuke back again with another audio commentary! This one is short and sweet and covers the human vs nightelf matchup on echo isles where infi tower rushes remind. I talk about the deciscion making of both players and the things you have to pay attention to when holding off a human tower rush as a night elf player. Also, I am going to release a Warcraft III for dummies series where I intend to make at least 3 audio commentaries per matchup with each commentary covering one of the most seen strategies in said matchup. In order to get this done I will need YOUR help! Please mail me replays of which you think that showcase a particular popular strategy very well (I strongly prefer games played by actual progamers, and not by random players). Patch and game length is irrelevant, I will take a look at all of these replays and I will use the best ones in the commentaries. Sasuke out = )

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  1. Youtube link:

    This one's been on Youtube for a while, but we've had some problems with our audio CMS. Sorry about that.

  2. I love Sasuke, was wondering why this series didn't come about cos i mostly check from youtube but then i logged on here and saw noone had commented on this :(. I would love if you commented this game cos it's my favourite ever, Grubby cast it live originally but the file uploaded to youtube has about 15 mins of damage in the middle which ruins it. I'm pretty sure no one else on YT has done it either. Link:

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