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Tackling Them Towers

UPDATE: This isn't actually new, despite posts on Twitter and the video being uploaded today. Turns out it's a re-upload of an old file which was deleted some time in the past. Oops. But: Grubby's Commentaries Avaialble to Watch Again. That's news, right?


Grubby is pretty great, but you already know that. A legend in Warcraft III and a top competitor in Starcraft II, you start to wonder if there's anything this guy can't do. Release regular commentaries, that's one thing! But the long wait is over, Warcraft fans, as Grubby has now released the eighth instalment of his much-loved series.

This time tackling the, um...ever popular Undead tower rush, listen in as Grubby relives this classic NGL game on Secret Valley. Here's a link and here's an embedded video:

Aren't we kind?

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  1. "Avaialble"


  2. Shhh. Typos happen.

  3. still has that replay! Here:

  4. 190apm from TeD o_O Doesn't sound right.

  5. Can this replay be downloaded anywhere?

  6. I wish Grubby were here to show the green skins the way...

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