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There are Probably Bricks in the Pillows

Pillow fights sure don't sound menacing, but this new Warcraft event from renowned admin BuZ could prove to be a vicious affair. It's called Champion of the Pillowfight and is an amateur contest with KotH rules. Here's the deets...

Each week, there is a reigning champion or "king". If you so choose, you can elect to challenge the king over a series of best-of-5 matches. One challenger is picked each week and matches shall be played on Sundays. Beating the king will of course mean that you're in the driving seat the following week which is something to bear in mind if you opt to play.

Replays, WTV, and livestream shenanigans will all be a thing.

The full skinny (including sign-up info) is here, there's a livestream link here and replays will be be posted by the league admins here, though they will likely also be posted on vault de WCR.

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  1. The former king is pWnu.WaN.

    First PF: WaN vs Foggy

    Score: WaN 3 - Foggy 2


  2. Thanks for the news.

    Champion of the Pillow Fight #2 : WaM.Cechi (UD/CZE) 3-1 DkH.Orcworker (ORC/BYR)

    Champion of the Pillow Fight #3 : WaM.Cechi (UD/CZE) 0-0 Dhc.Yumiko (HU/CN)

    CotpF #3 starting tomorrow (23/02) at 13CET.

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