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RIP Space

After a long struggle against a rare muscle disorder, Undead player Seung Hyun "Space" Park has passed away at the age of 25.

Space initially made a name for himself through the Afreeca WC3 League, finishing runner-up to Lyn in Season 3 and beating the likes of Reign and Susiria on his way to the finals. Fighting on despite the disease, his incredible play and results in the face of such adversity have remained an inspiration to many of us to this day.

Though the disorder was terminal and we were all aware this would happen, it does not soften the blow. Space fought tooth and nail every day; he has achieved more in difficult circumstances than many of us will manage in our entire lives. No matter how Warcraft 3 is remembered, he will always hold a place in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Space.

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  1. Even though we knew his condition, this still makes me fill incredibly sad.

    His play despite his disorder was brilliant, and he will always have a place in heart of every true wc3 fan.

    May he rest in peace.

  2. RIP Legend!

  3. Rest in peace.

  4. RIP Space

  5. Rip may you

  6. he will be missed :((

  7. Sucks to hear this. I remember reading an article about him like 6 years back on the matter.

    This guy had the sickest micro, and only 70-110 apm. I never could understand how the hell he did that.

  8. he will be missed

  9. omg :( im so sad

  10. Respect from Brazil to Space...
    very good player... always on WC3 players hearts

  11. May God have mercy,

  12. RIP :(

  13. RIP Space


  15. R.I.P legit space , he was mannered and spiritual guy,
    this is sad rly

  16. Sad to read this.

    RIP Space

  17. dammn no way.... RIP champ

  18. I just see this now :( He was good guy and player, put his all life into wc3.

    Rest in peace our w3 hero. :(

  19. R.I.P.

  20. Whenever I randomly think to myself "Hm, kind of miss WC3, lets check out WCR", something super sad is in the news.

    RIP Space.

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