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Fifty Gold Stars, Summer!

Unexpected circumstances have forced the league to be put on hold indefinitely. Sad news. We'll report back with anymore news.


Things have been long-dry on the Warcraft front, but WCR buddy Fade has stepped forward with a new initiative. His new platform F-Star TV boasts regular tournament goings-on in Warcraft III, Starcraft II, and Dota II to boot. And Warcraft III will be first up!

Starting in August, 32 players will be in contention for a combined month-long prize pot of $750. 16 of the crop will be invite-only from the tournament head honchos; 8 more will be determined through their positioning in the W3A Ladder come the end of July; and 8 more will stem from qualification tournaments held over the next few weeks. More information on those is here (give it a go!).

F-Star have already unveiled their first of the invited, and they are thus:


More info is at the link here and over on our forum.

Updates to follow...

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  1. Let's hope this brings some life into WC3 again. :/

  2. I really believe the front page should have changed to at least accommodate WCG2013 , being the last WCG and all . Would have been a good way to close out all the cool stuff this site has brought.

    But on the bright side thank you fade for this tour and your efforts. I think I may only have a chance qualifying through w3a.
    Not only do I lack the skill but won't be available consecutive Saturdays in a row.

    Good stuff though !

  3. ^ I maybe misunderstood, but I believe the qualifying tournaments to be independent of one another.

  4. Yeah, the above is correct. Each tournament is an individual event. Also worth considering, both finalists of each qualifier tournament advance to the main tournament.

  5. I still believe in this website!! Showing support albeit like 8 years away from here. I miss you all very much!

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