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Rich;Sonik;Cechi;Hawk Qualify for China-based WCA LAN Event

UPDATE - and there we have it. Our four victors are WarchiefRich, Sonik, Cechi, and HawK. They each win a ticket to China, and a chance to compete in the newly-formed WCA tournament. More details in the original story below.


The World Cyber Games were always a staple in top-notch Warcraft III LAN goodness. Sadly, the event has moved on and WCG is no more. The good news? A new Chinese LAN titled World Cyber Arena shall be taking its place in October, and Warcraft III is on the cards!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The WCA isn't just a Chinese invitational, y'see. Eight Europeans will be competing tonight for a main draw place at the event in Yinchuan, China. The matches are as follows:

WarchiefRich 2 : 0 yAwS
Cash 1 : 2 Sonik
Cechi v. XelSing - defwin
HawK 2 : 0 Spiral

These four games will be best-of-three format with the winners advancing to the offline finals. Play kicks off tonight (July 27) at 19.00 CET, which is 13:00 Eastern and 10:00 Pacific. You can find the livestream over on Twitch.

No word yet on the WCA prize pool or others invited to the event. We'll keep you posted.

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  1. uk hwaiting

  2. That fall from grace is a rough landing. Poor WC3. :(

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