Orcs & Humans Dominate WEC Qualifiers by


Orcs & Humans Dominate WEC Qualifiers

All of a sudden, China-based LANs are most certainly a thing. The WCA qualifiers were played out yesterday, and the final eight of a second big new event were also unveiled over the weekend. Introducing the WEC...

Like the WCA, the WEC sets out to fill the void left behind from events such as WCG and WEG. The grand finals will be held in China, and first place shall take home a very modest 80,000 RMB, or ~9,400 euro (2nd place ~5,900; 3rd place ~3,500). Once again, this one isn't just a Chinese invitational. European and Korean qualifiers have already been played out, and here are the last eight:


Those poor Undead and Night Elves...

No news yet on the offline format, nor any specific details on a date for the event. Once again, we'll keep you posted as soon as more is known...

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  1. No ones surprised the game has devolved into WC2. Have a look at the replays section of a WC3 website. There aren't many UD replays, let alone UD replays where the winner is UD. Throw in how the majority is HU/Orc, it's no wonder than a random LAN in China has the same mindset of race choices.

  2. Wanna know something funny though? Only humans win in the end , at an 75% ratio.

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