Old School Cup Prompts Return of WCIII Veterans by


Old School Cup Prompts Return of WCIII Veterans

The Old School Cup is a new event boasting the return of long-time Warcraft favourites. Among the invited you'll find such names as Satiini, RotterdaM, and SjoW - among plenty others. It all kicks off September 20th.

In terms of format: each player will be placed in to a group of four where a round robin stage will be played. The top two players will be elevated to a double elimination winners' bracket; and the bottom two in the losers' bracket.

The organisers are looking to the community to help boost the prize pot. You can find more information on the event here, and a complete player's list here.

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  1. Some nice names in there, but they are missing a lot of old school players(like madfrog/inso/fat.C, basically a lot of the old SK :( ). Who is everyone going for, and/or who would you guys thin is in the best shape currently?

    ALso, come chat with us in the thread. Probably a better idea to post your reply to my questions in there.


    See you there for some good chat about old times and our favourite game of all time! :)

  2. Gogo rotterdam

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