Grubby Unveils Season II of WC3 Commentaries by


Grubby Begins Season II of Warcraft III Commentaries

It's pretty hard not to like Grubby. He's one of all the all-time greats of this game, and has a winning personality to boot. Last year he looked back on some of his favourite Warcraft III matches, offering up an entertaining mix of analysis and insight. Now there's more.

Grubby writes on his Youtube channel, "upon very regular request, I have returned to doing more WC3 commentaries. I hope you will enjoy this season as much as you did the first 10 episodes." This suggests another 10 commentaries may be coming at us thick and fast!

The first season two commentary can be found here. Go check it out!

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  1. Thanks Ciel! :)

  2. He still streams wc3 with like 4/5k viewers on average.

  3. At the end orc is fighting during night which he should not do !

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